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They have done a phenomonal job with keyword research on my competitors and helping us to target their client. After only four months we have seen noticeable increase in sales. Cheer
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Great job at seeing what my competitors were doing. We were able to shift and grow our campaign throughout the year and saw fantastic growth!
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BlackStorm is a real gem of a find. I had no idea all of the things my competitors were doing to grow and they broke it down for me and came up with a strategy for my company to grow as well. Happy customer
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I have to say in the past I have been burned by marketing agencies and I was very skeptical in hiring another one but I knew I had to finally do something to stay in business. I found Black Storm because a friend highly recommended them so I decided to see what they could offer and to find out if they were just another scam. After working with them for 9 months I will say they have been very kind and professional in our dealings and they have actually exceeded my expectations on lead generation. I haven't experienced anything bad with them so if you're looking for a trustworthy marketing agency then I would suggest to give them a try.
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Thanks to Blackstorm design & marketing we have got our website ranking at the top within 6 months!! We are crushing it with them. Great marketing company to partner with. Through every step they have impressed me on how professional and knowledgable they are. I suggest you partner with them.
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How To Win Roofing Clients Over The Phone

Killer Strategies To Impress Your Prospects/Clients On The Phone Make More Money

Winning new roofing clients can be like a game. If so, how do you outrank other roofers and win? Roofers waste thousands of dollars on marketing in many obvious ways. Roofers purchase expensive roofing websites that don’t convert, spend tons of money on fancy marketing agencies that can’t show any return on investment results. All they do is to display Facebook ads across the country instead of their target audience.


In today’s competitive roofing landscape, offering exceptional services isn’t enough. Your roofing business needs to connect with leads and convince them to purchase them. Efficient marketing via phone calls increases the chances of breaking the ice with your clients. But, aggressive pushiness in roofing sales adversely affects your company’s reputation and turns off clients. Balancing relationship building and aggressive persuasion should be your priority.


But here’s one foremost blunder roofers make in marketing their business. They spend their energy, money, and time to get roofing leads- not understanding how to convert those leads into paying, loyal clients. This is true with phone calls.


11 Killer Strategies To Win Roofing Clients Over The Phone

When on the phone with your potential client, you require these skills to close the sale:


  1. Actually Answer the Phone

You will be shocked to know how many roofers treat their voicemail as their call center. Don’t  do that. In fact, “Kindly leave your message is one of the essential things you should never say to a client. Here are some tips to never miss a single phone call from your client:

  • During your business hours, hire a live person who should respond to every phone call.
  • Answer the phone by the third ring
  • Respond to the phone call warmly and enthusiastically
  • Talk calmly with no hurry, so callers can feel that you have time for them.
  • Include the name of your roofing business in your salutation, so callers can know they have dialed the correct number. “Good afternoon, Homegrown Roofing. This is James. How can I help you today?”
  • If you miss any call, return it instantly.
  • Don’t put callers on hold. Clients hate that. If you have no option, request permission. “May I put you on hold for a minute to confirm something?” will be well-received than “Hold on a minute.”
  • Try to use a chatbot to make it easy for clients to reach you.


2. Be Confident 

When you are answering outbound or inbound calls, make sure you remain confident over the phone. This is because clients can identify the authenticity of your roofing brand by listening to your tone. Explain the uniqueness of your roofing services with authority. If you have fear or hesitation of the comments clients may make, it may be too confusing on your mind. This may hinder you from creating the perceived impact in the mind of your prospects. It may create a poor impression on your roofing brand. Use a script where necessary, but don’t sound completely artificial or sound too weak.


  1. Maintain a Natural Tone

One of the significant challenges with roofers is that they don’t sound natural on the phone. It might take time to learn the ropes of using the script, but talking in a natural tone shows that you can respond to client’s queries with ease. Often than not, roofing contractors take too much time to respond to genuine concerns. Experienced property managers/owners know that you are either making a story or copying from a script, which may turn them off. It would be best if you never sounded robotic but always use a human or natural tone where possible.


4. Sit Upright and Smile

Just as a guest in your office can see your smile, callers can hear it via the phone. A smile helps you sound helpful and friendly, and besides, it is a morale booster on your part.


If a client walked into your office, I guess you won’t mumble, scowl and slouch. To respond to your client’s phone as if you are in a video call. Sitting upright (or standing) boosts the enthusiasm in your voice, while a smile adds friendliness and warmth to your tone. As a roofer, you want your clients to feel like you are happy they called-not like they are bothering or boring you.


5. Use Reflective and Active Listening

The main reason you seem pushy is that you spend a lot of time talking and less time actively listening to your clients. You aggressively promote your roofing services while understanding less about the customer. This infective tactic creates a poor impression of a hard sell that minimizes your conversion rate.


 Instead, if you actively listen to your customers, they will genuinely love to hear about your roofing services. An effective way to pitch your services is to listen to what prospects have to say about your services and respond to any queries diligently. Here are some tips you can use to listen reflectively and actively to your clients:

  • Let the caller know that you are listening keenly using verbal nods like “ahh, yeah…uh.”
  • Allow your caller to finish what they have to say. Don’t interrupt or assume that you have understood their problem.
  • Repeat what they have said, ”Ok, so no matter what you try to fix the roof, it is still leaking?”
  • If you don’t understand the caller’s questions, ask for some clarifications.


  1. Respond Promptly

After three or four rings, callers tend to assume that you are too busy to assist them. If you miss their call completely, they opt to call one of your competitors instead of leaving you a voicemail message. Even a customer service representative will occasionally miss phone calls; you may consider using a virtual receptionist service for after hours. Virtual receptionists will promptly and cheerfully answer your phone calls, and your prospects will feel well cared for each time they call.


  1. Show Empathy

Chances are, the property owner on the other end had a terrible, horrible day and requires a fast resolution to his problem. If you can show some genuine concern and care for their challenge, you start to create trust. And if clients get a sense that you are trustworthy, they are likely to schedule a roofing service call.

So, how do you show empathy via the phone? It is easier than you think

  • Truly listen to what your caller is saying
  • Picture yourself in the caller’s shoes, and imagine how you would feel if you were in the same situation
  • Use your tone and words of tone to show them that you understand them


  1. Solve Problems

When speaking to your customers over the phone, avoid saying “no.” Always lookout for ways to solve the problem. Even if your services or products don’t provide what they are searching for or can’t answer their specific questions, find out what they are ultimately trying to accomplish. Although your roofing company is not positioned to help the caller with their particular questions, you might be able to offer some advice, recommend a partner who can help, or refer them to a reliable vendor that you had bought from in the past. Assisting them to solve their problems, even when you are not going to get additional revenue, is an efficient way to establish relationships with your potential customers.


  1. Ask for the Sale

As a roofer, you lose all sales you don’t ask for. So confidently ask for the deal over the phone. Don’t overthink it.


Something simple like this can be a game-changer: “We can help you fix that problem! I can send someone to your home by 2 pm today. Can I proceed and book that for you?”


By simplifying the buying process, you encourage customers to prefer your roofing services over your rivals. To give you a classic example, we work with roofing companies to fix a client’s gutter problems ASAP any time they call. As you would expect, their clients can’t stop bragging about this roofing business to their neighbors and friends.


10. End Calls Properly

If you are too busy, you may be tempted to quickly end the call so that you can get to the next one. But you aim to wow callers with your out-of-this-world customer service skill. Make sure you complete the call as positively and warmly as you started it.


  1. Follow Up

According to research, it costs five or six times as much to obtain new clients as it does to maintain your existing clients. You must call your clients after service to ensure that they are satisfied and happy with your service. Here is an example of a follow-up email:

“Hi, Rael, Moses from Better Roofing here. I just wanted to follow up and thank you for hiring us to work on your leaking roof. If your experience with us weren’t 10 out of 10, we would love to make it right. Otherwise, call us if you need anything in the future. If you would like to know about the preventive maintenance special offer that is going on, take care!”

At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we help roofers like you get the leads they deserve, but our inbound marketing services include SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, and Retargeting.


 Schedule a free strategy session online to learn more about our roofing marketing services today!







Marketing Roofing

Quick Tips to Scale/Grow Your Roofing Company

As a roofing contractor, growth is always your primary objective. More sales imply growth opportunities for current employees, and which roofer doesn’t want that? While word-of-mouth recommendations are a great advertising tool for your company, you will do a lot more than depending on that if you need consistent growth. However, growing a successful roofing brand is more than having the right skills for the roofing projects at hand.

Here is a breakdown of what we are going to discuss in this post:

  1. Offline marketing strategies to grow your roofing business
  2. Proven Ways of making your roofing business stand out in the competitive roofing landscape.
  3. Steps to Grow Your Roofing Business Through Internet marketing.

Without further due, let’s get started!

8 Offline Strategies to Grow Your Roofing Company That Work


1. Make Roofing Business Cards Stand Out

Handing out your roofing company business cards is a very effective offline advertising tactic for various reasons. First, business cards are cheap to make. The other reason is that it offers a simple way to connect and stay in touch with property owners you encounter while networking.

As a roofer, you don’t even have to hand out the business cards on your own. In fact, you can give your roofing business cards to your happy clients who will pass them out to their network. If you use tactics, it is highly recommended that you use tracked phone numbers on your cards to see how many leads or clients your cards are generating.


2. Ask for Referrals

One of the effective ways to get roofing leads is via word-of-mouth recommendations, and it’s free! Your clients are the best marketers for your roofing company. Potential clients hearing about your roofing services or products firsthand from their network creates a strong connection and gives them higher chances of using your services.

After you complete a project, ask your clients to refer or review your roofing business. If you have a solid online presence for your brand through your roofing website, or directories like Yelp or BBB, request them to review your company.

Having positive reviews from past clients gives prospects a rough idea of the roofing service they will obtain and assists you in getting their trust. Gaining trust among property owners is an excellent step towards securing qualified roofing leads.


3. Partner with Other Roofing Contractors

It’s always good to be surrounded by professionals in your roofing industry. Whether you require to be assisted in a project or have specific questions about your trade, having a network of other roofers is crucial to your roofing business growth.

Not only will networking with other roofers be crucial for you to gain knowledge, but it also gives you another chance of generating leads offline. Other roofers could offer a referral if they didn’t take up a particular project.


4. Connect With Your Community

Participating in local community events is another excellent way to promote your roofing business locally and get homeowners to notice you. Investing in community sponsorship is a perfect way of marketing your company is a terrific idea, especially if you have funds.

Sponsor a local football or rugby team and get your roofing company’s name on their uniforms or jerseys. Organize a fundraiser at your office and give branded merchandise to the participants.

Participating in local community events humanizes your roofing brand. Stop being a faceless entity by allowing people in your community to understand your company to create brand awareness and loyalty.


5. Send Direct Mail

There is no doubt that having an email marketing strategy is crucial for your roofing business. But that doesn’t imply that sending direct mail is obsolete.

Many property owners still prefer physical, offline advertising offers. Sending direct snail mail feels more personal since homeowners understand that it takes some effort and time to send it.

Sending special offers and newsletters via direct mail presents another opportunity to give discounts and coupons to attract more prospects to see what it is all about.


6. Rent Some Ad Space on a Billboard

Another local roofing advertising technique is purchasing ad space on significant billboards. But for such ads to be effective, they have to look great and are situated in a high traffic region of your community, possibly somewhere near your roofing company office.

Billboard roofing ads are expensive, but the Return On Investment (ROI) can be enormous in new leads and exposure if implemented properly. Ensure that the most crucial details of your roofing company are prominently visible in the ad, including your physical address, roofing website, and contact information.


7. Create Company Branded Merchandise

Trust me; property owners love wearing roofing brand-related merchandise, especially if it’s coming from a roofing contractor they love.

Can you turn down a branded mug or shirt that your favorite roofer is offering you? Giving out branded merchandise is an excellent way to get your brand name out and make property owners aware of your company.

Some customers will go out of their way to purchase your branded merchandise to show their solidarity and support. If you develop a unique or rather funny slogan, you will have a chance to make money and increase your brand awareness in the process.


8. Engage Local Media

As a roofing contractor, you can create a friendship with local radio and TV stations. Purchasing ad time in such stations is pocket-friendly nowadays. If your company relies heavily on your local community, obtaining airtime on such platforms is an excellent way of spreading the word about your roofing business.

Creating and maintaining good relationships with media stations can benefit your company outside of purchasing ad time from them. They can invite you to talk about specific issues related to your industry when something new pops. This can help make property owners and managers aware of your business and its offerings.

Ways of Making Your Roofing Company Stand Out

Standing out in the crowd has become increasingly crucial and is something that all roofers should leverage to scale their business. Watch your roofing company soar above the competition with these expert-approved tips:

Talk to customers: As a roofing contractor; you are always looking for ways of outranking your competition. One of the best ways of doing this is by reaching out to them and treating them special. Building personal and strong relationships with your clients is essential for the long-term success of your company. Investing in good roofing CRM software, you can stay in touch with your customers easily.

For example, it can help you track conversations to remember everything you discussed in your previous talks. Communicating regularly with customers enhances their experience and loyalty, thus giving your business a competitive edge in the market.


  • Provide a Warranty or Guarantee

Are you confident in your roofing service offerings to completely stand behind them? Including this type of assurance in your advertising message shows prospects and clients that you care about their property. But you need to stand behind your guarantee in case they experience any problem along the way.


  • Hire Long Term, Talented workers

Overall, property owners care most about quality results. With a talented roofing crew, you set the standards of excellence that other roofing contractors have to struggle to beat. No formal education is required to become a roofer, but you can look out for job seekers with trade school certifications or take an apprentice.


Market Your Roofing Company Aggressively

Aggressive marketing is one of the affordable and effective ways to get clients and give your business the much-needed competitive advantage. Good roofing CRM software can also assist you in forming advertising strategies by identifying which marketing efforts are generating leads.

Besides, it can automate emails; maintain customer records, segment clients, and create particular marketing messages. Marketing your roofing company through a roofing website and social media assist you in establishing an online presence. By building your roofing brand online, you set your business from the competition.


Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Many roofing contractors claim their client service is what sets them apart from the competition. However, just saying that isn’t enough. As a roofer, you should deliver extraordinary customer service that property owners can’t get anywhere else.


Branding is an Essential Differentiating Factor

Invest some money and time into creating a roofing brand voice and strategy.

Roofers with a consistent tone, messaging, and imagery across different roofing marketing channels have a better chance of resonating with their target clients and increase your odds of standing out from the crowd.

Creating a unique document that unifies your business’ value, mission, editorial voice, and proposition helps you to make team members and customers are on the same page. Regardless of how many people come and go to your roofing company, your brand guide/strategy will assist them in staying aligned to your point of difference.


Steps to Grow Your Roofing Business Through internet marketing.

Running a roofing company is hard work; usually, you have little to no time to implement cohesive roofing marketing strategies. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to reach new prospects without solid marketing and level up your roofing business.

If you want property owners to keep knocking on your business doors, you should make internet marketing a cornerstone of your company plan.


Why Internet Marketing?

Why Internet Marketing?

The internet provides numerous chances for your roofing business to reach potential customers. It can take several years before property owners conduct research online when they require roofing services. According to Google, search queries related to roofing are among the fastest-growing search volume in the home improvement niche, with higher searches for terms like “roofer near me”, “metal roofing,” and “roofing contractors”.

There is no denying that property owners find details about your roofing services online. As a roofer, you want to make your business easy to discover where prospects/ clients are searching to convert these online queries to business opportunities.

Internet marketing helps increase your company’s visibility online and get in touch with homeowners when they require your services. Plus, digital marketing can generate new business and help your roofing company stand out from the crowd.

Do you want to generate more qualified roofing leads online? Follow these ideas and internet lead generation strategies to keep your calendar booked and scale your roofing business:


Build a Conversion-Focused Roofing Website

Any successful internet marketing strategy begins with a functional roofing website. This is because your roofing website is the central hub of your lead generation hub online. Even property owners who discover your roofing company through word-of-mouth recommendations will visit your roofing website to get an insight into your services.

In fact, your roofer website is the initial point of contact between a prospect and your business online. Thus, an effective website for roofing companies must be modern, professional and help visitors find information within a few seconds.

If you provide more than the conventional roofing services, ensure that you list such services to help prospects understand what to expect after hiring you.

For roofing contractors, you must build a conversion-oriented roofing website. The primary objective of your roofing website is to convert browsers into leads. Your roofing website design should display value, have easy-to-find contact details, and a compelling Call To Action that encourages property owners to take the desired action.

Your roofing website design should be well branded and clean. You might have only three employees, but your website should appear like that of a big roofing contractor. For example: (insert a picture of a website that the Blackstorm team has designed)

Remember, property owners nowadays use smartphones to look for information, therefore invest in a mobile-friendly roofing website design to help them find your site quickly online.


Dominate Roofing Local Search Results

Roofing is usually a local business, so roofers should advertise their company within a specific geographical area. Building up your roofing website for local searches with SEO hacks helps target property owners who live in your community.

Your business must show roofer searches in your service area to drive relevant traffic to your roofing website. There are three ways you can dominate the local search results, including

The first method is through Pay-Per-Click advertising. Such auction ads are through Bing ads and Google Adwords. The major benefit here is that you show up in coveted prime positions, plus you can control your landing page and ad copy.

For instance, you may want to put an ad for roof replacement or repair after a major storm. Your ad copy and the landing page it goes on your roofing website should match the offer. You can even focus the ad on showing up only in the area you serve.

Next, you can use Google My Business profile to dominate local search results. It is a free business listing that you can claim and optimize by obtaining customer reviews.

Lastly, you have organic roofing website listings. These are free clicks obtained through optimizing your site for relevant industry keywords, gaining external and internal links, adding content on your roofing blog, and obtaining social media traffic.


Implement SEO Strategies in Your Business

SEO is a short form for Search Engine Optimization, which is a tactic that helps to increase your online visibility. While investing in PPC ads can be a surefire way to skyrocket your presence on the internet, we need to consider long-term, feasible techniques to ensure your company ranks on the first page for keywords related to your roofing business. Some roofers may not have the budget to use Google or Bing ads. And do you want to use dollars to attract new property owners to your business? I don’t think so.

Roofing SEO is an excellent, organic method of driving traffic to your site and get in front of potential customers. Ensure your roofing website is using relevant keywords throughout your pages, URLs, alt-tags, and more. You can also improve your SEO by regularly adding fresh, unique content to your roofing website. Writing helpful, educational topics is a great way to build business trust and attract browsers who could convert into clients.

For instance, as a roofing contractor, you can create a post about what to do after realizing that your roof is leaking. This article could offer valuable tips to temporarily resolve the problem while looking for a local roofing contractor. And if a property owner is looking for “What to do when your roof begins leaking”, you have a higher probability of your blog appearing and that browser finding your company.


Use Pay-Per-Click Ads to Reach Property Owners Searching for Roofing Contractors Online

If you search for paid search marketing strategies for roofers, Pay per Click ads is an excellent option. Roofing PPC ads appear on top of organic search results in the search engine result pages. It is one of the most effective ways of generating qualified leads for your roofing company.

PPC ads are more effective because it focuses on property owners that are already searching for your roofing services or products. However, like in roofing SEO, you need to conduct extensive keyword research to find the right keywords for your campaign.

The good news is that you only pay when a prospect clicks on your roofing ad.

Thus, this method gives you complete control of your roofing marketing campaign. PPC ads help you to create campaigns that actually work for your target audience and roofing business.


Use Walkthrough Video to Showcase your Roof Projects Portfolio

One great way of promoting your roofing company online is via a walkthrough video that describes your process of putting up a new roof from the start to the end.

It’s eye-catching and informative. Plus, homeowners love to watch videos, and over 60% of them are likely to book jobs with your roofing company after watching branded roof installation or repair social media videos.

Great roofing video content is an efficient way to show your team in action and increase trust among your potential customers. It can increase brand recognition, obtain new leads and boost sales in the long term.

Make sure that property owners can see real, high-quality photos of your recently completed roofing projects to get an insight into the quality of your roofing services.

This implies that you:

  • Promote your roofing work/ projects on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Upload photos of your recent roofing projects on Google and Yelp.
  • Update your roofing website with the most recent photos

If a prospect can’t see what fantastic roofing services you offer, even if you are marketing to them in person techniques like postcards and flyers, how do you expect them to trust your roofing brand? Having a solid portfolio of your roofing projects helps build trust and credibility, increasing your odds of booking more jobs. If your budget allows, we highly recommend outsourcing a photographer to get professional, lovely photos.


Build a Strong Reputation

Long gone are the days when marketing your roofing company was about what you said about your business. But in the modern digital landscape, it is what clients tell each other about your roofing company.

Most roofers now recognize how important online reviews are to their efforts of generating qualified leads online. Many property owners will first look at online review sites like Facebook, Yelp, Google, base their decision on which roofing contractor to hire depending on comments or reviews from past customers.

The most effective way to manage your roofing company reputation is to understand that everything you do affects it. It begins and ends with how you treat your clients. Every time you surpass your client’s expectations, that will translate to higher ratings or positive reviews. If you do a shoddy job, it will cost your business reputation later.

Closely monitor what prospects/clients say about your roofing company on major online directories. When things go south, and you get negative reviews (it happens to every roofing contractor), respond to the negative comments and work to solve the problem. By doing so, you can convert negative reviews into positive ones.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have any reviews, ensure that you request a review on one of your platforms, such as Google My Business or Yelp. Plus, you can also use email follow-ups requesting previous customers to review your company.

When you get five ***** reviews, be sure to showcase them as testimonials on your roofing website. Since such reviews influence many prospects to book jobs with your roofing company.


Use Social Media to Bring New Clients

Social media platforms influence how property owners decide to hire roofing contractors nowadays. When leveraged correctly, social media advertising can have a huge impact on your roofing company. It can be a great tactic, especially when you concentrate on assisting clients and prospects.


Utilize Retargeting Ads to Grow your Roofing Business

Once you have your roofing website up and running, you reach out to prospects who didn’t contact your business. This implies portraying them ads for your roofing business after they navigate away from your website.

This is one kind of roofing advertisement that deserves your attention. Such ads follow your prospects/clients whenever they are browsing the internet. It is a common form of advertising today, but unfortunately, most roofers don’t notice it.

Retargeting ads are crucial for roofers, especially when going after property owners who want to hire a roofing contractor.

A roof (unless it gets destroyed) can last for decades. Some prospects/clients can take several months or years to hire roofing contractors. Retargeting automates the process of reaching out to swayed visitors and bringing leads back to your roofing website to close a deal.


Plan for the Long-term

As a roofer, you can’t market a roofing business as an emergency.

Instead, an effective roofing marketing plan should be approached like a marathon.

The pace should be carefully planned, with the flexibility to accommodate built-in.

When you begin roofing marketing campaigns, ensure that you allocate enough budget to sustain the effort. Remember that you won’t succeed in every marketing effort.

Know about your competition and create a strategy that will help you outrank them in the market. Avoid shortcuts in the pursuit of your roofing business goals.


Let Blackstorm Marketing Grow Your Roofing Business (Both Offline and Online)

If you are looking for a world-class roofer marketing agency that understands how to generate great results, Blackstorm Roofing Marketing fits your search requirements. Over the years, we have been providing superior roofing marketing services to lots of our customers, and every year, we improve our craft.

Our roofing marketers are Google certified and thus understand how to analyze and offer results that drive results for your roofing company. Plus, we have a team of dedicated website designers, copywriters, graphic designers, and experienced SEO professionals to manage your marketing campaigns.

Since we are a full-service roofing marketing agency, SEO is far from many things that we offer. We also provide the following digital marketing services, which work perfectly alongside our roofing SEO management services:

Roofing Website Development and Design: Our team of experienced web designers/developers will get your roofing website rank on top of SERPs but also get an easy-to-use, visually appealing site that incorporates best SEO practices. Our web development team will help your roofing business launch a user-friendly, responsive roofing website and more to help improve your bottom line.


PPC (PayPerClick) Advertising: With our PPC ad services, your roofing company can benefit from cost-effective paid search marketing to reach clients and prospects online.

Learn how our roofing PayPerClick services can help you improve your ROI.


Social Media Advertising:  Take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to promote your roofing company online. Whether you want to market your roofing business with organic posts on LinkedIn or Facebook ads, our team can help to create and implement a solid advertising strategy for your company.


Content Marketing:  Enhance your search engine optimization plan with a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Let our professional writers/copywriters create original and compelling content that your prospects/clients will read, take action and even share with their network.

Besides, we also offer reputation management services, roofing logos, and business card design, making us the best roofing marketing agency in the US and beyond.


Here Are Some Reasons Why We Are the Best Agency for Your Roofing Marketing Campaigns

Here are some reasons why we are the best agency for your roofing marketing campaigns:


No Long Term Contracts

Most roofer marketing agencies will insist on lengthy contracts even before delivering any results, forcing you to depend on online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. Because we are confident of the results we can generate at Blackstorm Roofing Marketing and that you will be satisfied with our services, we don’t offer long-term contracts. We provide no warranties; no strings attached deals since we know our marketing services will grow your roofing company without tying you down.


Customized Services

Cookie-cutter marketing strategies tend to fall short in the long run. At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we don’t believe in the one-fit-all solution. We understand that all roofing businesses are not created equal; that’s why we adapt our marketing plan according to your business goals, budget, and size.


Proven Record

All our team members are experts in their fields, from web design, reputation management, PPC to SEO. We enjoy a higher customer retention rate, courtesy of our ability to generate consistent results. We are confident in what we can deliver, plus we will not tie you down with persy contracts.


We Value Integrity 

At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we conduct our business with integrity, a sincere heart for our clients, and honesty. We won’t lie just to close a deal.

Marketing Roofing

How to Get a Roofing Company License and Book More Jobs in Your State/city

Learn Tricks and Tips for Growing Your Roofing Company Professionally and Effectively

Are you planning to get a roofer license to launch your roofing business? We understand the frustration with all the brain work and research that goes into starting a roofing company.

Modern property owners want to hire certified and licensed roofing contractors to safeguard them from poor workmanship and unethical practices. Therefore, getting the required permits and licenses will help to grow your roofing company. This post will break down the requirements into actionable steps and help you understand the process of obtaining a roofing license.

Why Do You Require a Roofing License?

In most states, a roofing contractor is only allowed to work on projects after he is licensed. While the process of licensing roofers varies from state to state, some states license roofers at the city level.

If you live in a state that requires roofers to be licensed, it will be unlawful to operate in that area without a proper license. Jail sentence and fines could be your portion if you fail to comply with state requirements, thus ruining your roofing business reputation.

Property owners may request you to produce a license. Since obtaining a license requires knowledge and experience, it also guarantees customers the necessary expertise and training to handle their projects competently.

Obtaining a roofing company license usually imply you need to have liability insurance. Not only does this shield you, but your clients will also appreciate that any damage will be covered.

A roofing company license will give the property owner and your employees peace of mind because they will work legally and adhere to all government requirements. Your clients will trust your roofing brand and hire you, knowing that you understand your industry very well.

Here’s How to Get a Roofing License

The process of applying for a roofing license varies from one state to another. This post will describe the basic requirements that need to be met before obtaining a license in most states.

Obtain the Training/ Experience

Obtaining a roofing license requires that you have some experience in the roofing industry. The experience can be obtained as a foreman on a roofing crew based on requirements in your area. However, in some states, training is needed besides gaining experience.

Have a Valid Roofing Insurance

There are several insurances that you need before getting a roofing license. However, it can vary depending on the area you operate in. Liability insurance is normally required, and it’s something that comforts property owners. Workers compensation may also be required (unless you hire subcontractors)

Take the Certification Exam

Exams are a necessity to test your experience in the roofing industry and obtain a license. It may include an exam to test your understanding of the law and roofing experience. Often, some exams may require you to study. Roofing licensing agencies typically give you the resources needed to pass the exams. There are online and in-person classes available to help you prepare for the licensing exam.

Further Your Education

Some states may need you to further your education in roofing over the years; you will operate your roofing business. This makes sure that you keep up with new laws/regulations in the roofing space. Licensing renewals are needed for roofing contractors, be sure to check into the rules in your area.

Other certifications that a Roofing Contractor Should Have To Book Jobs

Manufacturer Certifications

Although it is not a requirement for booking home improvement jobs, having roofing material manufacturer certification is an added advantage. Certified roofing contractors undergo rigorous training with the manufacturer, thus making you familiar with a particular roofing system’s repair and installation process.

Therefore, try to get your team members certified with roofing manufacturers like GAF, Certain Teed, or James Hardie to book more jobs.

Becoming a licensed roofer is an excellent way to prove to your customers that you are knowledgeable and experienced in your field. Not only will the education and training make you professional and confident in your work, but having a license and certification will make your roofing company more appealing to prospects.

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Understanding Roofing Claims: Everything Roofers Need to Know

As a roofer, knowing how roof insurance claims operate will help grow your roofing business. By understanding the ins and outs of such claims, you can guarantee a smooth relationship with insurers, serve your clients effectively, minimize delays, and get your invoice paid promptly.

While insurance claims can be tricky to tackle for roofing contractors, knowing how these claims work doesn’t have to be an uphill assignment. This post will explain the step-by-step process of roofing insurance claims to assist you in achieving the best results for your customers and roofing company.

How Does Roofing Insurance Work?

How Does Roofing Insurance work?

Generally, the process of a roof insurance claim can be classified into the following steps:

  1. Insurance Adjuster Inspection

After the property owner/manager reports the wind or hail damage to their insurers, the insurance company will send their experienced adjuster to assess the damage on their own. The adjuster will inspect the roof, noting the damaged areas that your roofing company had pointed out in their initial inspection.

One member of your team must be present and accompany the adjuster as he performs the examination, responding to any queries that the adjuster may have and ensure no damage is left out. After the adjuster finalizes their inspection report, outlining their assessment of the damage, which will be sent to the insurance company.

Reviewing the Claim

  1. Reviewing the Claim

After the adjuster inspects the damaged roof, the insurance company will review the claim to determine the amount of money paid to the property owner for roof repairs or replacement. This process can take a lot of time, explaining why most insurance roofing restoration projects often get delayed.

As the insurance claim is under review, the insurer may request additional information about the damage from your roofing company or ask specific questions about the details you provided. You should respond promptly to such requests and be ready to back up your information with solid evidence.

  1. Finalizing the Claim

 Once the roof insurance claim is finally reviewed and approved, the insurance company calculates the total damage value. At this stage, they will send a check to the property owner. The check will cover the cost of either repairing or replacing the roof to its initial condition.

When a property owner receives the check, the insurance company ceases to be part and parcel of the process. Now the ball is left between you and the homeowner to agree on the scope of work and write the contract details for roof repairs or replacement. In most cases, the agreement will cover damages mentioned in the final assessment; but some homeowners may want to conduct repairs above what is indicated in the insurance check.

Making Most out of Your Roofing Insurance Claims: 3 Tips

Know the Language of Insurance Companies

Excellent communication between the insurance agency and your roofing business is crucial to understanding the insurance claim process. Learning to talk the language of roof insurers will help finalize any paperwork required and without any errors when you complete the insurance restoration forms for your clients. When roofers learn the terms’ insurers use, it minimizes error-related delays and fosters clear communication.

Advocate for the Property Owner

When it comes to filing insurance claims, many property owners feel out of control. This is especially true for differences between their damage assessment and that of the insurance adjusters. Homeowners rarely deal with insurance agencies regularly, and thus, they require help from an expert who interacts with insurers almost daily or weekly.

This is where your roofing business comes in. If there are vast differences between the insurance adjusters and your damage assessment report, you should defend your client from the insurance company. This will help to solidify your reputation as a roofer who offers incredible customer service.

Maintain Proper Records

Maintain Proper Records

As already stated above, when the insurer assesses the damage, they usually request additional information to support your claim. To minimize delays and help the review process go smoothly, keeping good records of everything related to the restoration project is essential. Such records should be readily accessible by every team member to help them respond to insurance company requests efficiently.

Understanding the Insurance Claim Process isn’t Rocket Science

Learning how the roof insurance claims operate and tips to help you enhance the process will undoubtedly make you the best insurance restoration roofing contractor. Not only will that help you achieve more significant results for your roofing business, but will ensure that the process runs seamlessly from the start to the end.

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Build Your Roofing Marketing Strategies with Blackstorm Roofing Marketing in 2022 & Beyond


Congratulations on winning the greatest battle of registering your roofing business and obtaining the necessary credentials.

But, you will only remain in business by keeping clients knocking at your company doors or generating consistent roofing leads. Wondering how? Don’t fret.

In this article, experts at Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, a leading internet marketing agency for roofers, will walk you through practical roofing digital marketing agencies. Roofing marketing ideas drive repeat clients to your company, outrank your competitors in the market, and take it to new heights. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

6 Reasons Why a Proven Roofing Marketing Strategy is Essential For Your Roofing Business

Let’s face it. Roofing marketing can be a daunting process. From voice search, commercials to chatbots and print ads, countless activities are involved in marketing your roofing business. In fact, we often hear these stories from our customers, “we know that we should be marketing our business, but where do we get started?” Our response is always the same; we advise them to start by creating a vibrant roofing marketing strategy.

So, why should they create a marketing strategy for their roofing business? Marketing plan/strategy is crucial for your roofing company because:


  1. Helps You Understand Your Ideal Clients

As a roofer, you can’t become all things for all people. From a sales and marketing perspective, a specific group of people or businesses is most likely to become your long-term paying clients. When you identify such people, you can take their needs, wants, and fears and explain to them how your roofing services will suit their needs. Roofing marketing strategy defines your target market/client so that you understand clearly who requires your roofing services.


  1. You know What Your Roofing Company is and Why it is Beneficial to Others

A considerable aspect of roofing marketing strategy helps you understand who benefits from your roofing services, how they benefit, and why they should believe in such benefits. 

Your roofing company stands out from other roofers in some way, and it uniquely helps the people it serves. 


Defining such unique value propositions helps your business to outrank other competitors in the market.


  1. Convey Value Consistently

A roofing marketing strategy is essential since it defines how your roofing company conveys value to others. 

You can share your marketing strategy with anyone within or outside your business. This will give your business a consistent brand image in the roofing marketplace and the confidence that your roofing business will be represented accurately in the areas of marketing and sales.


4. Guides Your Marketing Activities & Budget

A marketing strategy defines how you promote your roofing company throughout the year, and your process informs your plan. It explains which advertising channels you will use ( social media, digital ads, direct mail, print ads). Your strategy clearly discusses what activities to do throughout the year and deadlines for achieving such tasks. Your roofing marketing plan ensures that the method you use to promote your roofing company aligns with your goals and helps you achieve an excellent Return On Investment (ROI).


  1. You Know What Roofing Marketing Success Looks Like

You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” Peter Drucker. 


A roofing marketing plan will assist you in figuring out what success looks like. The objectives you set within your roofing marketing plan inform what metrics you use to measure the success of your advertising strategies. This way, you will know what strategies worked or ones that didn’t produce desired results.


  1. Exude Professionalism 

When you understand who you are and talk about your roofing business, you exude professionalism and confidence. Once you know your ideal customer and the benefits you will offer to that client, you can concentrate your efforts, time, and energy on reaching that client. 

Your roofing company will appear more professional since it has a proven roofing marketing plan in place.


Consequences/ Effects of Not Having a Roofing Marketing Strategy

But without a strategy in place, your roofing company experience lots of challenges and problems, including but not restricted to:

  • Losing out a business to the competition
  • Missing out on great opportunities to grow your roofing brand
  • A reactive approach to roofing marketing
  • Retaining and gaining few clients
  • Suboptimal execution due to poor planning

Top 6 Roofing Marketing Strategies To Try In 2022 & Beyond

  1. Start With Building Your Roofing Brand

 The brand refers to the personality of your roofing company. Once your new roofing company is up and running, the battle has just begun. Maybe you are operating on a shoestring budget and require starting with low-cost roofing marketing at first. Your roofing brand encompasses customer satisfaction, reputation, awareness, and credibility.

But how do you create a successful roofing brand? Begin by defining your ideal clients. As a roofer, you want to determine how your roofing services enhance their lives and which services matter to them most. Besides, you want to define their demographics like age, income, education levels, and work locations. The last stage in understanding your ideal client is identifying their purchasing strategy. Do they conduct research offline or online before contacting your roofing company? 


Are there specific seasons that influence their purchasing behavior?

Another step towards building a vibrant roofing brand is describing your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). What difference does your brand bring to roofing services or service areas? It could be that you are unique in terms of response time, quality, price, and capacity to handle roofing services.

Consider designing a new roofing logo, print business cards, and launch a professional roofing website.

2. Create a Professional Roofing Website 

Research shows that over 80% of prospects first conduct research online before they contact your roofing company. That said, we cannot overemphasize the need to revamp your internet marketing strategy for your roofing services.

Set out on your roofing marketing journey by creating a unique and easy-to-navigate roofing website. It is a dynamic platform to display your roofing services, convey your USPs to prospects and interact with clients. A roofing website acts as your24/7 sales rep that markets your business when you are sleeping or enjoying a vacation on the beaches.

Here are some key features that a high converting roofing website should contain:

  • Mobile-Friendly

More than 80% of Americans use their phones to shop for products or services online. As such, optimizing your roofing website for mobile devices will help you tap into the vast marketing potential and rank high in search engines for relevant business keywords.

  • Seamless Navigation

Use fixed header, breadcrumbs, working search button, and adequately defined categories to make your roofing website as user-friendly as possible.

  • Conveys the Right Information

Add some personalized touch to your roofing website by incorporating trust-building information like a list of your services, client testimonials, certifications, licenses, and insurance.


  • Secure

An active SSL certificate makes your roofing website secure your prospect’s trust and be favored by search engines.


Read our detailed post on 13 Essentials of High-Quality Roofing Websites


3. Master SEO for Roofing Contractors

Simply having a roofing website won’t cut it. You require an effective SEO strategy to improve your online presence and produce free roofing leads online. It’s like building a lead-generating machine! And the machines we make at Blackstorm Roofing Marketing will grow your roofing brand and take it to the next level.

Most prospects/clients enter a search term explaining what they are looking for over the internet, browse through the results, and click through roofer websites with information or services they require. More than 70% of these searchers will not go beyond the first page of the Google search results. However, your website will not feature in the first page by chance. That’s where roofing SEO comes into play.

SEO is the process of optimizing your roofing website to boost its rankings for keywords related to your roofing business (roofing services in this case). By doing so, you reach prospects that require your services, drive consistent leads to your roofing company, and increase the client base for your roofing services.

Remember that SEO is a continuous process and takes time to achieve meaningful results. Among the key features of SEO for roofers include:

  • Keyword Research

Discover keywords and phrases that potential clients type in Google or Bing when looking for your roofing services or products. These are keywords your roofing website will rank for and will significantly impact your visibility across the internet.

  • On-site Optimization

You need to optimize your website elements, including Meta descriptions, URL, images, and content. Optimize your website with search terms discovered in your research.


  • Link Building

The quality and quantity of your backlinks have an essential role in boosting your organic ranking. Create valuable content to attract links for relevant industry blogs and sites. And establish relationships with other roofing industry bloggers and influencers essential to your link-building strategy.

Check our detailed post on the Ultimate Roofing SEO Plan for more tips on ranking higher in the search engine results.

  1. Improve Your Local SEO Strategies

If you are like other roofers, you obtain many leads from homeowners in your community. Local SEO for roofers is your gateway to getting local clients 

You see other roofers dominate the first page rankings and think, how do I get to the coveted position in Google search results? There has been an increase in “near me” searches, and that trend will continue in the coming years. Surprisingly, many homeowners don’t type the word “near me” to look for local roofing services since they expect Google to localize the search results.

Here are some tips for optimizing your roofing website for local searches:


  • Select location-specific roofing keywords e.g., Miami Roofers
  • Optimize your roofing Google My Business Profile
  • Make sure your Name, Address, and Phone number are consistent across the internet.
  • Choose the right secondary and primary business category.
  • List your business in major online directories like Yelp, BBB, Nextdoor, or Facebook.

4. Leverage PPC (Google Ads) for Roofing Contractors

Pay-Per-Click, also known as paid search marketing, is a tactic that matches your roofing ads with prospects/clients searching for your services. Hence, you pay for people to visit your roofing website rather than ranking higher through organic methods.


With PPC, you get a chance to rank the ads instantly after setting your campaign, unlike roofing SEO which takes time. You can choose the specific keywords you aim the ads to rank for. 

Above all, you have total control over your campaign budget. Remember the following surefire tips to help you make the most out of PPC ads for roofing contractors:

  • Define your target market/client
  • Create high-quality landing pages
  • Use negative keywords to remove irrelevant clicks
  • Include compelling Call to Action
  • Create valuable web content that resonates with your audience.

5. Use Social Media Advertising to Market Your Roofing Business

Social media advertising is essential to your roofing company since social media controls more than 70% of purchasing decisions. Social media platforms help you engage with your potential clients personally, showcase company culture, build a community and target specific people with focused ads.


As a roofer, you will want to have a Facebook page and sign up for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with your audience on your social media pages. These platforms give you an insight into performance and engagement levels. Use the following tips to make the most out of social media advertising for roofing contractors:


  • Roofing industry news and updates
  • Client testimonials
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Company announcements
  • Before and after photos of completed roofing projects.

6. Manage Your Online Reputation 

Another crucial thing you can do as a roofer is to monitor and improve your online reputation. 

Check your Yelp, Google My Business listings, and other online directories regularly to see what people are saying about your business. Most directories will allow you to respond to client’s questions and complaints 

Don’t underestimate what people say about your business, be sure to respond to negative comments to address grievances and make them happy again. By responding promptly, you prove to others that you are ready to solve the problem for good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Marketing Strategies


What Are The Most Crucial Features of Roofing Marketing? 

 Get started with the basics. Ensure that your roofing brand and name are attractive; get your company vehicles wrapped and social media accounts running. Then create a professional roofing website, ensuring you have good content on main pages and local online directories. You have a roofing company with an excellent reputation and improving your social referrals before going to advanced techniques like PPC, video marketing, and SEO.


How Can You Promote Your Roofing Business? 

Generally, there are two methods you can use to spread the word about your business, namely, online and offline. 


Offline strategies used to market your roofing company include canvassing, direct mail, and billboards, while online techniques include SEO, PPC, social media advertisement, retargeting reputation management, and roofing website design.


How Can I Get a Consistent Stream of Qualified Roofing Leads? 

Partner with a professional roofing marketing agency like Blackstorm Roofing Marketing to do PPC ads or search engine optimization and give your roofing website a facelift to get more customers/leads. Elements of our strategy include:


Not restricting keyword research.

  • Earning quality links systematically.
  • Updating your technical SEO to convert your roofing website into a lead generation magnet.

Get Help With Roofing Marketing Today

At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we know that attempting to implement the following strategies discussed above on your own can be an uphill task. We can unload the roofing marketing burden from your shoulders, so we free up your time to focus on what matters most to your business.


Our internet marketing services for roofing contractors go beyond driving traffic to your website, convert prospects into paying clients and boost your bottom line. 

Schedule a free strategy session online with our growth coaches to learn how they can help your roofing company grow today.







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How to Create a Vibrant Online Presence for Your Roofing Business

Boost Your Local Presence & Get Your Roofing Company Found Online By Prospects/Clients.

In the model business landscape, your roofing company needs to have a solid online presence. Even if your business doesn’t operate online, prospects and clients want to see you there. If prospects/clients don’t find your roofing business online, you could lose a chance to expand your client base and spread the good news about your business.

Nowadays, property owners/managers search online for roofers near them, so a vibrant online web presence is crucial to outrank the competition and gain new clients. But how do you stand out from the crowd, attract more clients, and get found online?8 Effective Ways to Create a Strong Online Presence in Your Roofing Business

8 Effective Ways to Create a Strong Online Presence in Your Roofing Business

1. Create a Captivating Roofing Website

A roofing website acts as a conduit between your company and prospects/clients. Without a captivating roofing website, your business will not thrive in the modern competitive industry.  A great roofing website should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and well-suited to drive conversions. Hiring a qualified roofing website design agency will help you create a site that will grab the attention of your target audience.

2. Take Control of Roofing SEO

Take Control of Roofing SEO

SEO is a short form for Search Engine Optimization, and it helps your roofing business rank high in the search engine results. Nowadays, when property owners want to find roofers near them, they turn to Google for help.

With algorithms changing daily, it can be difficult for your website to rank on the first page of the search engine results pages. The first step to getting found online when prospects/clients are searching for your roofing services is to launch a dedicated roofing SEO campaign.

That said, developing and implementing a successful roofing SEO strategy is not a walk in the park. But some great tips to level up your roofing SEO game include:

Focusing on the right keywords

Optimizing your web pages with custom Meta descriptions, tags, and titles.

  • Creating rich content for your most crucial keywords.
  • Ensuring your roofing website is indexed and listed in major directories like Yelp or Google My Business.


3. Leverage the Power of PPC

Pay-Per-Click advertising has opened up many opportunities in roofing marketing. It can break or make the online presence of your roofing business. That said, go into it blind, and your business will waste thousands of advertising dollars down the drain. Having an online presence is the initial step in promoting your roofing business, but using a pay-per-click strategy can grow your roofing company exponentially.

PPC campaigns bring instant results that organic rankings can no longer match. PPC ads are cheaper than conventional marketing techniques like radio ads, TV, or print media. Best of all, the clients you want to target with PPC are at an advanced stage of their buying journey, implying that they are closer to booking a job than organic prospects who are just “window shopping.”

Many things go into PPC other than running a few ads and expecting the best. But some great tips to optimize your PPC campaigns include:

  • Reviewing the roofing keywords you want to target
  • Invest in an informative, well-crafted ad copy
  • Optimize your landing pages

4. Be Active on Social Media

Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of your web presence that improves your odds of generating extra income and building client loyalty. It helps prospects, existing clients, and other stakeholders to engage easily through a platform that plays a significant role in their daily lives.

Getting your roofing company online is the first step to creating a web presence for your prospects/clients. But simply being active on Facebook or Twitter won’t cut it. Gone are the days when hiring a summer intern to manage your social media accounts. In the modern roofing landscape, you need to create a strategy if you won’t get ahead.

Creating a clear, visually appealing, and social media advertising strategy is the best technique to align your company goals with your web presence. Several things are involved in social media advertising, including content calendars, posting times, and more. Hiring a roofing social media advertising agency will help you navigate the stormy waters of the social media world and get your roofing business on top of your audience’s feed.

5. Manage Your Online Reputation

As your roofing company grows, you will want to have customers validating that your services are exceptional and worthwhile. In the digital landscape, this implies that you collect as many reviews as possible.

Getting positive reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and other review websites is one of the good ways to improve your online presence. It also boosts your search rankings, Since Google includes reviews in their ranking algorithm.

Another way of boosting your online presence is to respond to all the reviews you have (whether positive or negative). The best way to obtain reviews is to request them. After completing a task, ask clients to leave a review.

6. Claim Your Listings

People no longer use Yellow Pages anymore. Instead, they turn to internet directories like HomeAdvisor, Google My Business, Angie’s List, and Facebook. Optimizing and claiming your listings on these directories can increase your chances of generating roofing leads online.

7. Invest in Great Content to Reach More People

Content is king. While you might have heard this phrase countless times, indeed, quality content is still crucial for any roofing business trying to boost its online presence.

By investing in informative, helpful content, you will automatically optimize your roofing website for search while providing value for your clients simultaneously. This cements your relationship with your clients and ultimately improves your roofing brand.

Some great tips to level up your content marketing game include the following:

  • Revising your on-page content and optimizing it for search and your clients.
  • Starting a blog with high-quality materials dedicated to the roofing niche
  • Produce promotional materials like videos, infographics, and eBooks that address the needs of your customers.

8. Track Your Results

One of the essential aspects of boosting your online presence is to monitor the results. After all, how do you know that you have built a great brand online if you are not evaluating all the various strategies?

Some of the great places to get in-depth results of your various digital marketing strategies to include Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console, or Google Analytics. Such tools have been designed to help you get accurate, fast insights on your various digital campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t.

As a new or existing roofing contractor, you cannot afford not to be visible and active online. However, you must concentrate on building relationships with clients, driving sales, and increasing your brand awareness. At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we have been helping roofing businesses like yours create a vibrant online presence that lasts through our internet marketing package. Schedule a free strategy session online to learn more about our services today.

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Outbound Vs. Inbound Roofing Marketing: Why Your Business Will Benefit With Online Advertising

Traditional marketing vs. inbound marketing: which works best? This is a heated debate in the roofing marketing landscape. One method is disruptive and invasive, while the latter concentrates on getting qualified roofing leads through sharing valuable content. Fortunately, this post will demystify these two marketing methods and assist you in deciding the best option for your roofing company.

What is Outbound Roofing Marketing?

What is Outbound Roofing Marketing? 

Outbound marketing, also known as conventional or push marketing, uses techniques to get your brand message across to a large audience in a bid to close a sale. Radio/TV advertising, cold calling, canvassing, direct mail, billboards, and other tactics aim to attract a large audience (most of whom may not be looking for your roofing services). It is a one-way communication that generally concentrates on roofing services or products and reasons why property owners should book jobs with your roofing company.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?  

Inbound roofing marketing, also referred to as pull marketing, is a strategy that uses content creation, either through your social media platforms, blog, or other online platforms, that pushes your clients towards your roofing company naturally. For instance, you create a blog on the advantage of asphalt shingles. You can share the post on Facebook, Linked In, Google+, and Twitter.

You can also share it with your past clients and employees. Those property owners may, in turn, share your post with their network. Now, when a potential client looks for “metal roofing,” they come across your post. Then visit your roofing website and contact you for a quote.

Differences between Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing

  • Result Generation Speed

With internet marketing, potential clients take some time to get your marketing collateral and possibly engage with your company before deciding to contact your roofing company.

With outbound marketing, roofing contractors enjoy a faster Return on Investment since they start the conversation.

  • Lead’s Awareness of the Business

Inbound roofing leads are familiar with your business when they are ready to contact you. They understand how your roofing services can assist them and are prepared to schedule jobs with your company.

On the flip side, outbound roofing leads have little or no knowledge about your business, industry, and services, meaning that they are miles away from converting. Therefore, you should focus on educating them from the first time they contact your business.

  • Investment Required

Internet marketing is inexpensive, and any roofing company can implement the tactics, no matter the size of your budget. In fact, generating roofing leads using digital marketing tactics costs 60% less than traditional roofing marketing.

Conventional marketing is costly since you will be required to buy radio, TV, billboard space for your ads or distribute and prepare materials.

  • Quantifiable vs. Immeasurable 

Everything can be measured with the digital /inbound marketing process, from how CTA (Call To Action) buttons color, shape, or size affect conversions to ROI of different tactics.

Complex algorithms assist you in knowing the effectiveness of various advertising strategies, leaving little or no room for guesswork.

The success of outbound roofing marketing is challenging to quantify. You can ask how prospects found your roofing business, but the responses don’t share the whole story. Guesswork or assumptions are inherent with this roofing marketing model, resulting in poor performance.

  • Complicated Messaging vs. Educational Messaging

With outbound roofing marketing, brand messaging is typically complicated. You have limited time to convey your brand’s messaging, especially a few seconds in TV/radio advertisements. As such, exuberant moving graphics and bright colors are synonymous with outbound ads, increasing the chances of prospects turning out.

However, with internet marketing, your brand messaging should be engaging, helpful, and valuable.

You concentrate on responding to your prospect’s questions. Here you don’t force the message to your options/ clients.

  • Permission-based vs. Interruption-based

With internet marketing, you first reach out via platforms where your target clients have allowed you to interact with them and respond to their questions. They decide when and in what manner they want to engage with your roofing business.

In outbound roofing marketing, you select a medium with a vast following and keep disrupting them with ads expecting that it will appeal to a small percentage of the audience. Here, you decide which medium and when to reach your potential clients.

Major Problems with Outbound Roofing Marketing

  1. Acquired Roofing Leads can be Costly

It takes to get one roofing lead more when using outbound marketing than when it is gained via inbound roofing marketing. According to HubSpot, when you get a qualified lead via inbound marketing, it costs 60% cheaper when the same is acquired through outbound marketing.

  1. Prospects/Clients Aren’t Easily Attracted

Property owners are becoming savvier; they want to discover information independently without being distracted by ads. In fact, more than 90% (according to of internet clicks are generated with inbound marketing, while less than 10% are generated through outbound marketing. Property owners prefer to learn things for themselves rather than having ads forced on them.

  1. Outbound Ads Are Always Avoided

One of the drawbacks of conventional marketing is that property owners/managers pay less attention to radio, TV, or Billboards in general.

They are avoiding ads daily, whether by blocking cold calls or avoiding roofer websites with too many ads.

  1. Outbound Marketing is Expensive

Generally speaking, traditional marketing is more expensive than internet marketing. To conduct an effective push marketing campaign, you must invest in your advertising material and incur the cost of distributing it. Even after doing all these, there is no guarantee that your target market will respond in the way you want them to do.

  1. Difficult to Get Response 

Traditional marketing typically contains a one-way communication system that focuses advertising material on your prospective buyers, but there are no real chances to interact with your target audience. When running an outbound marketing campaign, if you want to understand how people respond to your adverts, you have to perform surveys and organize focus groups, which cost money and take a lot of time.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Which one wins?

Ultimately, the proper marketing method for your roofing company will work and generates more results. The ultimate choice on whether to use inbound and outbound advertising will depend on your roofing company’s needs and goals. If traditional marketing methodology works for your business, don’t eliminate it from your marketing strategy.

Always try new things while using the outbound tactics that work. Know that audiences change too. What worked last year may not do so this year. Property owners get tired of seeing similar ads repeatedly; thus, you need to be innovative to stay ahead in the roofing marketplace. Therefore, you will want to combine inbound processes with some outbound processes to increase roofing lead generation and improve conversions.

Ignite Your Growth With Internet Marketing for Roofers in 2021 & Beyond

Ignite Your Growth with Internet Marketing for Roofers in 2021 & Beyond

Before the advent of the Internet, roofing contractors relied on conventional marketing tactics to generate qualified leads. Such tactics included TV ads, billboard ads, cold calling, and radio ads. In 2021, these pushy marketing strategies aren’t effective.

They have been replaced with digital marketing tactics like Pay Per Click advertising, reputation management, and search engine optimization. When a property owner finds your roofing business via Google search, they generally feel like they have achieved a milestone towards solving their needs.

Internet marketing is about promoting your roofing services using web-based technologies, the internet, and other digital platforms or media. You can put your business in the right places so that prospects/clients discover you online.

Whereas you want to ignite your roofing business growth, you may lack the experience, time, or resources to take advantage of the full potential inbound marketing has for your business. As a reputable roofing marketing agency, Blackstorm Roofing Marketing can offload the advertising burdens off your shoulders. Our experts can generate results with inbound marketing and free up your energy and time to concentrate on other activities in your life and business.

At Blackstorm, our focus is to boost your presence on the Internet and generate hot leads for your roofing business. Besides, we also implement conversion optimization tactics to nurture your roofing leads until they become loyal and paying clients.

Schedule a free strategy now if you want to create a winning design for your roofing company. Else, read on to learn more about our internet marketing services for roofers below.

Our Online Marketing Services for Roofing Companies

Hiring an internet marketing agency for your roofing company is one of the best ways of speeding up your business growth. It helps skyrocket your revenues and save a lot of money and time. The roofing marketing expert performs an in-depth assessment and provides solutions to drive prospects/clients to your roofing website.

Blackstorm is a renowned name in-home service marketing to offer result-oriented internet marketing services for roofing contractors, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals. Read on to learn how our online marketing services can help your roofing business grow and boost its presence on the internet.

Roofing Website Design & Development

0ver 90% of your business first impressions are related to your roofing website design. Your roofing website is typically the first point of contact between your business and potential clients. It acts as your 24/7 salesperson that can provide browsers the required details at any time.

But placing your list of services and contact details on your website is not sufficient to attract desired clients and convert the site traffic into actual revenue. You require a conversion-focused website design that motivates property owners to take desired actions.

By working with Blackstorm’s web developers, web designers, and SEO professionals, you stand out from the crowd and obtain the competitive advantage of booking more jobs for your roofing business. We understand that your prospects/customers expect your roofing website to be seamlessly navigable, load in less than three seconds, and provide the information they require in a simple manner. As such, you obtain a well-designed, ADA-compliant roofing website with interactive, relatable, and exciting content that guides your prospects through the steps you want them to take.

Besides, we secure your roofing website with an SSL certificate, so your browsers can feel confident in sharing and filling out the online form submissions. Schedule a free strategy session online or call us at 1(865)205882 to get a roofing website design that matches your business needs and preferences.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization 

There are thousands of monthly organic searches for keywords such as licensed roofers near me, roofing company near me, local roof replacement experts, and other search terms related to roofer services in the US.

If your roofing website doesn’t rank on the first page of Google or Bing for such keywords, you will lose massive traffic and leads. This is because more than 50% of organic traffic comes from organic search. Besides, over 70% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of Google search results. The benefit of search engine optimization is shown here.

Blackstorm’s SEO professionals can help you identify long-tail roofing keywords that will drive relevant traffic to your roofing website and create valuable content around those terms to improve your ranking on the search engines.

We also optimize your Meta descriptions, URLs, and headers with essential keywords, so search engines like Google or Bing rank and understand your website accordingly. Contact us here for roofing SEO strategies to help you stand out from the crowd and attract the client you want.

Online Reputation Management

Most property owners have heard about fly-by-night roofing contractors who overpromise but end up doing a shoddy job. Still, scheduling an appointment with a specific roofing business is a massive decision for any customer.

Because of such reasons, clients require assurance that they will get the best roofing services in town. That’s why they visit online directories like Google My Business reviews, BBB, Yelp, Angie’s List to distinguish the bad and the good. In addition, more than 94% of customers trust online reviews, just like personal recommendations from friends or family.

Positive online reviews increase credibility and trust for your roofing company but also improve your SEO results. For instance, your roofing business can prominently feature in the coveted top 3 positions in the local map pack.

Contact us for online reputation management services for roofers that assist you in tapping into the goldmine of existing and current clients.

Social Media Advertising

Many roofing contractors are harnessing the potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. There is a massive value to using social media platforms to market your roofing services.

Social media provides an additional channel to boost your online presence, helping you put your business in front of your target audience.

There are various social media ideas you can use to fuel engagements and conversations in your social network. Post before and after photos of completed projects to convince prospects to hire you for roofing services. Team member photos show the faces behind your exceptional roofing services.

If you wish to build trust, credibility, and company-client solid relationships with social media advertising for roofing contractors? Reach out to us here.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is a controllable marketing channel where you only pay for clicks on the roofing ads and not for impressions or placement. PPC ads always appear on top of organic search results.

In Pay per Click, you get started with creating high-intent keywords for your marketing campaigns. Next, you bid for ad placements, setting the amount of money you want to spend for every click on your roofing ad. Our PPC professionals are experienced in building campaigns using compelling advertisement copies.

BlackStorm Logo

Grow your roofing company with Blackstorm Roofing Marketing; our experts will help you drive relevant traffic to reach your target market and get more clients for your roofing company. Schedule a free strategy session online to speak to one of our Growth Coaches today.

Marketing Roofing

How to Create an Effective Roofing Client Journey Map in 2021

What kind of experience do property owners get when they come across your roofing brand online?

Is your business more concerned with roofing sales or how clients make their way to your company to book jobs?

As a roofer, understanding your ideal clients to help enhance your services starts by creating a roofing client journey map built for your company’s success.

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to build a stunning roofing website and wait for property owners to find your business. It is essential to take proactive action to get your roofing services or products in front of potential customers.

You may have heard of a client journey map, but wondering how your roofing business can benefit from it? But when done correctly, a user journey or client journey map can help to enhance your roofing brand’s client reputation and experience.

Think of a user journey map as a way of getting inside the client’s mind, know their perception and understand how they interact with your roofing business from the start to when they finally schedule for a job.

Keep reading to learn what a customer journey map is, why it is essential and how to create a client journey map for your roofing business.

What Is a Roofing Client Journey?

What is a Roofing Client Journey? 

A user journey or client journey refers to a prospect or client experience from when they first hear about your brand until they get an email thanking them for booking jobs with your company. Simply put, it is the entire client’s experience in attempting to hire your company for roofing services or products.

So, what is a client journey map?

A client journey map is the visual representation of your client journey when interacting with your roofing brand. With the aid of a client journey map, you can get a sense of your target audience’s pain points and needs.

Benefits of Mapping Out Your Roofing Client Journey

Benefits of Mapping out Your Roofing Client Journey 

Customer journey mapping is essential since it is a strategic approach to understanding your client’s expectations and optimizing their experience. Here are some reasons why a customer journey map is necessary for your roofing company:

  • Customer Journey Map Helps You to Stay Focused on Customers

Client journey mapping helps roofing contractors be educated and better understand how customers perceive your roofing services or products, values, and intentions, and how they interact with your business at various touchpoints.

When you bring in your biases and perspectives on how things should be done, a client journey map brings in real-time evidence and helps you understand what’s happening on the ground.

This makes sure that every team member in your roofing company is on the same page on what requires to be done, and they concentrate on creating fantastic client experiences and meeting customer needs.

  • Deeper Customer Insights Lead to a High ROI

To build a compelling client journey, you should first understand your customer. This implies you know what they want, how they behave, and, more essentially, what they don’t like about your roofing services. This is a crucial part of running your roofing business but is typically missed by roofers who want to build a perfect journey for them (rather than the customer).

The way a property owner interacts with a roofing business or brand through various channels is known as the touchpoints.  These are points of interaction and contact that businesses or homeowners have with your roofing company.

Customer journey maps help discover such touchpoints and where maximum struggles and friction occur, assisting you to enhance such touchpoints and optimize every channel based on high-quality, real-time data.

The more meaningful interactions you have with your clients, the higher your chances of getting loyal customers who will market your roofing company to your network.

  • Customer Journey Mapping Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

The process of mapping out your client’s journey offers your roofing company a competitive advantage.

Your roofing crew should discuss your client’s experiences, empathize with their pain points and thus enhance their service.

This already is essential, but in the future, this will be a deciding factor why property owners prefer your roofing services over other roofers.

  • Helps Your Roofing Business Implement a Proactive Customer Service

A client journey map is synonymous with a road map to your client’s experience. It will help you identify moments when property owners will be delighted and instances where they might be faced with struggles or friction.

Understanding this ahead of time helps you to develop your client service strategy appropriately and intervene at times that increase your roofing brand value to the property owner.

Superior customer service also makes your roofing brand look more reliable to your client’s base. For instance, if it’s wintertime and you are anticipating a surge in demand for roofing services, you can email your customer base letting them know that your team is prepared to help them in case of storm or hail damage.

  • Customer Journey Mapping Can Help Create a New Target Client Base

As a roofer, if you don’t understand the client journey properly, you also don’t know the psychographics and demographics of your clients. Of course, it can be a waste of marketing dollars attempting to market your roofing company to a broad audience who will not later be interested in your products or services.

Researching your typical clients’ pain points and needs and describing their journey will give a perspective of property owners attempting to attain an objective with your roofing company. Thus, you can market your roofing services aggressively to that target audience.

A Customer Journey Map Can Help Refocus Your Roofing Brand With an Internet Marketing Perspective

  • A Customer Journey Map Can Help Refocus Your Roofing Brand with an Internet Marketing Perspective 

Instead of attempting to identify your potential clients through conventional marketing, you can have property owners discover your company with the help of internet marketing.

Traditional marketing involves hacks that are not well targeted at uninterested or generalized audiences and aim to interrupt clients from their daily chores.

The 5 Stages of a Customer Buying Journey

Roofing contractors who understand their client buying journey and concentrate on improving their sales funnel stages always outshine their competitors in the market.

After all, your roofing company is nothing without your clients. So, as a roofing business owner, you should strive to perfect customer experience from the initial interaction going forward.

Nowadays, more than 60% of your customer’s journey is completed online.

Surprisingly, many roofers tend to neglect the client journey altogether, which is a grave mistake, especially regarding their internet marketing efforts. The customer journey helps your business understand your target market, giving your team a vital insight when creating a roofing marketing strategy.

Roofing leads nurtured with targeted content produce more sales of over 20%

Without further ado, here are the main stages of a customer journey that you need to know:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

Stage #1: Awareness

This is the initial stage of your buying journey. Your prospects realize that they have a roofing problem or need and are researching information while actively searching for solutions to attempt and resolve the issue. Consider the awareness stage of your client journey as their first impression in your roofing business.

It’s essential to offer value to your potential clients during this first stage to establish rapport and trust with them. If you are not delivering value in the awareness stage, none of the other steps in the buying journey will matter. After all, how can property owners schedule jobs with you if they don’t know whether you exist in the first place?

Let’s face it: Research shows that over 80% of buyers perform research online before calling your roofing business for service.

During this stage, your role as a roofer is to show prospects that you understand their need or problem and offer resources and information that will assist them in navigating their pain points.

Some examples of content to offer during the awareness stage include:

  • How-Tos
  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Industry statistics
  • How-To Videos

Since you understand that your prospect is searching for information during this stage, that’s what you want to offer in a simple and digestible format for property owners.

Don’t let your initial impression with your clients be like a guessing game. Nothing gives your prospect a lousy start than visiting your roofing website and being left wondering:

What services do you offer?

Where do I need to start? 

That’s why you need to partner with Blackstorm Roofing Marketing to build a responsive, user-friendly roofing website that will provide relevant and helpful information to your prospects/clients.

 Stage #2: Evaluation/ Consideration Stage

This is the second stage in your customer’s buying journey. By now, your potential clients have conducted their first research and have several roofing contractors they can select from. But, the research stage is not yet completed. They have listed their options down, but they will continue to look for more details.

During this stage, they will compare your roofing services with other roofers in the same market.

Here they will make cost comparisons, check out competitors, read online reviews, and learn more about your roofing services to see if that’s what they are searching for. Understanding that your client will be comparing your business with other roofers during the consideration stage, you must position your business in a way that stands out from the crowd.

As a roofer, you need to ask yourself the following essential questions:

i)Is my roofing service understandable and clear?

ii) Is your roofing brand easier to find on the internet?

iii) Are the benefits of your roofing services clear?

iv) Is my price offering competitive compared to what other roofers offer in the marketplace?

v) What makes your roofing services more competitive in the marketplace?

Most potential clients will contact you for more details by calling the phone number on your roofing website, filling out the forms, or engaging your business via social media platforms. If this is the case, don’t leave them hanging.

This is your chance to step in and be the solution they seek to cure their problem or need. Besides, it is also during this stage that potential clients will want to know more about your pricing and what they would save if they schedule a job with your roofing company.

During the consideration/ evaluation stage, your role is to prove to the property owners that you care and make sure that they have all the details they require to transit to the next level in their buying journey.

Stage #3: Decision

This is where your prospective client is ready to choose from their options and schedule for a job. By now, the potential customer has conducted all the research required to make an informed decision on which roofing services will perfectly meet their needs or resolve their problem. It is at this third stage where customer reviews are essential.

Showcasing roofing case studies is very beneficial at this level and will help to clear the confusion in your prospect’s mind; why should they hire you?  Social proof that your roofing services will do what they purport is crucial during this stage.

Request testimonials/ reviews from past clients and put them on your roofing website and other platforms where your potential customers will be visiting to get more details about you, your roofing company, and your brand, in general.

Stage # 4: Retention Stage

Congratulations! If your roofing client has come up to this level, then it implies you are doing many things correctly, from marketing, service to ordering materials. But it isn’t over yet. This is the most crucial stage in your customer’s buying journey. Why? It is much cheaper and easier to retain an existing client than acquiring a new one. During this stage, you should be following up with a potential client to give their review or feedback about the roofing services you offered to them.

Stage #5: Advocacy

This is the last stage of your client buying journey and one that takes effort to achieve. It is where your roofing client becomes an ambassador/ advocate for your brand. They talk great things about your roofing services; refer family and friends to your roofing business, and market your company aggressively through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Steps of Creating a Great Customer Journey Map in 2021 & Beyond

Step #1: Understand Your Target Market

In order to promote your roofing services effectively, you have first to understand who you are advertising to. The target market is a broad generalization of the ideal customer for your roofing company.

It is the kind of property owner that is likely to schedule a job with your roofing company.

For instance, if you operate a roof installation company, your target audience will be somehow different from a contractor who deals with leaky pipes.

As a roofer, determining your target market revolves around knowing the exact problem you solve. This assists you in having a clear perception of your ideal client.

  • Who will benefit from your roofing services?
  • Who experiences the challenges/ problems that you solve?

These are kinds of property owners that can be part of your target audience/market.

Once you understand who your target market is, you can develop ways of reaching out and segmenting them into groups.

Pinpointing your target audience can be an uphill assignment, mainly if you know all the various aspects that make up demographics within your preferred market.

Here are some factors to consider when defining your target roofing market:

a) Where your potential buyers are situated; your company only offers roofing services within a specific area (like a county, city, or state), which reduces your target audience and changes your advertising strategies. As a roofing contractor, you don’t want to waste marketing dollars displaying ads to property owners living in Tennessee when your company only operates in Florida. It would be best if you focused only on your target markets.

b) How old are the prospects you want to target?

You need to understand the age groups of people you target with your roofing services or products. For example, when Taylor Swift launches a new album, she isn’t focused on 60-year-olds with her ads. They aren’t interested in the album that was released. Thus understand whether you are targeting Millennials or seniors with your roofing services.

c) What is your target audience interested in?

When segmenting your target market, kindly concentrate on the ideal client, not generalizing demographics that might be interested in your roofing services.

Once you know who your target audience is, you can break them down into various buyer personas to assist your business in narrowing down multiple groups within your target audience/demographics.

Step #2: Highlight Your Buyer Personas

So, now you know who your ideal client is in general. However, that won’t be every property owner. Every roofing company has different kinds of clients.

Sticking with our previous example of a roofing business example- their client would include business owners, homeowners, office buildings, apartments, and typically anyone with a roofing problem.

Buyer personas are crucial for thoroughly understanding your client base and developing advertising messages specific to their problems. Listing down customer personas of your ideal types of clients helps to know what you are doing right and what could be enhanced upon.

Once you know the different buyer personas you are dealing with and crafting roofing marketing messages specifically for your audience. Each buyer persona has a different experience working with your roofing business; just ensure that it is a positive experience.

Step# 3: Customer Journey maps

Talking of the experience your previous client had with your roofing company, what does that consist of? What is the journey of each client that uses your roofing services like? At what point do they interact with your roofing company? Where are they redirected after they submit information or schedule a consultation?

Each interaction that your roofing company has with the client is a part of the client’s journey.

Think about your latest client. List down each step they took to schedule a job with your roofing business, from where they found your company, filling out their details on your roofing website, or getting a follow-up email or call later.

Mapping out the process that a property owner goes through to use your roofing services can be beneficial. In essence, the client journey is your service. Sure, you may install a new roof on their home, but the homeowner remembers more than the services offered. They judge your company depending on the quality of work and remember how partnering with you made them feel. It impacts directly on the future of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions on Customer Journey Mapping 

How did the property owner find your roofing business?

Roofing clients may find your business through Google search, online directories, printed advertisements, and external links. There are numerous ways your roofing company could be located if you are doing everything right to get your business in front of them. At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that can help prospects find your roofing company online.

How did the client reach out? 

Once a client finds your company and is interested in your roofing services, they later contact your business via one of your communication points or touchpoints. These are platforms you open to clients, including your roofing website, email, phone, the social media network, or contact form.

Let Blackstorm Roofing Marketing Experts Help You!

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The only barrier standing between your business and potential clients: It might be your roofing website design. Simple tweaks to your landing page or homepage might be all you require for skyrocketing your conversion rates.

It has worked for hundreds of roofing contractors we have worked with. Let our experts try it on your roofing website, search rankings, online reputation management, and social media adverts.

If you need help marketing your roofing company, schedule a free strategy session online with one of our growth coaches to create a fantastic experience in every stage of your customer journey today.

Marketing Roofing

22 Roofing Marketing Ideas That Work in 2021 and Beyond!

Are you getting sufficient roofing leads? Is your phone ringing as expected to book more jobs?

There are many reasons your answers may be a resounding “no.” The effect of COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused a decline in sales for roofers as property owners adjust to the new normal. As the internet becomes an essential tool in the client’s purchasing journey, roofing marketing becomes a crucial investment.

High customer involvement, lack of specialized roofing marketing agencies, poor industry reputation, and stiff competition are some of the problems facing an average roofing company today.

If you want to market your roofing company, keep reading for 30 practical roofing marketing ideas. Or schedule a free strategy session online with one of the Growth Coaches or call us at 1(865) 205-8822 if you need help creating an advertising campaign for your roofing business.

Roofing Marketing Ideas- Online

1. Create an Effective, Functional Roofing Website Optimized for Search and Conversions

Your roofing website is the heart of your internet marketing strategy. If you don’t have a roofing website, creating a website is one way of reaching your prospects/clients online, anywhere, anytime.

Roofing is a high-ticket item that needs a high level of client trust. Over 75% of clients judge a roofer’s credibility based on roofing website design alone. An outdated, no website or broken site can instantly vent that trust.

Make sure your roofing website looks contemporary, slick, and professional. Use educational content and interactive elements to inform browsers about your company and respond to any questions they might have.


Pro Tip:

  • Optimize your roofing website for conversions and SEO so it keeps sending a consistent stream of qualified leads, even when your business offices are closed.
  • Create a sales funnel and quality landing pages to capture roofing leads.
  • Contact our experienced web designers know if you need help to build or redesign your roofing website.

Invest in SEO to Get Found in Local Searches2. Invest in SEO to Get Found in Local Searches

Property owners /managers are the potential buyers of your roofing services, so make sure they can find your roofing business in local searches online. Prospects are looking for a roofing company like yours, so you need to optimize your website to appear in front of these wallet-out potential clients.

If you want to appear in local search results related to your roofing services, begin selecting the right keywords. Keyword selection and research are crucial parts of SEO since they influence which search results show up on your roofing website. Local search marketing will keep your phone ringing and prospects visiting your project sites. List your roofing business in major online directories and create and claim your Google My Business account to get started with local roofing SEO. Contact our SEO experts if you need help establishing your local online marketing presence.

Run a PPC Campaign to Get Immediate Results3. Run a PPC Campaign to Get Immediate Results

You should be on top of Google search results before you can start to obtain serious leads and traffic from organic searches. Getting on top of Google search results can take months or years with search engine optimization. If you don’t want to wait, you should not ignore Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Pay per Click advertising works by putting your ad or brand message in front of business or homeowners who are actively searching for your roofing services. PPC ads are shown because roofing businesses bid on particular keywords (for your business, it may be something like roofers in Murfreesboro, TN)

To get started with PPC, select the keywords. Like with roofing SEO, focus on long-tail keywords. This will not only drive relevant traffic but will also reduce the cost per click.

Once you have the keywords ready, you can start to bid for the ad placement. You can set the minimum or maximum amount you are willing to pay every time a prospect clicks on your ad. Your quality score and the maximum bid will determine where your ad will be placed in the search results.

However, it is more preferable to have a higher quality score as opposed to the maximum bid. This is because Google wants to offer the most relevant search results for users. That’s why roofers (regardless of their substantial marketing budgets) can’t buy their way to a good ad position.

When searching for roofing marketing ideas, you will note that PPC is one of the best ways to obtain qualified roofing leads. With PPC ads, you can reach more valuable prospects interested in your roofing services.

Factors like the quality of your landing page your roofing ad links to and the relevance of the ad to the searcher’s query will assist you in determining where your advertisement will rank.

Connect With Your Prospects through Social Media Advertising4. Connect With Your Prospects through Social Media Advertising 

Social media is one of the effective marketing and advertising methods for roofing contractors. Social media profiles like Twitter or Facebook help you to connect with your target audience directly. By leveraging social media advertising, you can create valuable content for your prospects/clients and interact with them.

To get started with social media advertising for roofing marketing, select your platforms wisely. There are various platforms that you can use, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. That said, you want to use platforms that your audience frequents most to make sure that you reach them.

Once you select your platforms, engage with prospects/clients by posting content about their favorite topics and your business activities. Publish videos and photos of your completed and current projects and other roofing news or trends that may benefit your audience.

Remember to include social media in all your marketing collaterals, such as your brochures, email signatures, and roofing website footer. Social media advertising will not produce results overnight but can boost your following and engage with clients in your local market.

5. Use Video Marketing to Showcase Your Roofing Projects and Brand

They say a picture is worth 1000 words; what about a video? It’s more powerful. Nothing strengthens the authority of your roofing website like a video. If you have a roofing website with high-quality video content, you will enjoy a higher conversion rate than rivals without video.

You can leverage the power of video marketing by creating a video of your latest project. Video marketing can help you to:

  • Portray your competitive differentiators
  • Boost online engagement
  • Establish your roofing brand and its personality

Create fascinating videos by showing your crew’s undertaking project or produce positive video testimonials from your customers. Remember to upload videos to Facebook and YouTube to generate leads and to enhance your brand image.

6. Solicit Genuine Online Customer Reviews

A high-ticket business like roofing relies heavily on client’s level of trust, and genuine online reviews provide one of the best ways of enhancing that trust. Research shows that more than 80% of prospects trust online reviews just like they do with personal recommendations. Plus, client reviews show on Google search results with star ratings to help your brand look more appealing than companies without.

Review management is an essential part of running a successful roofing business online. Prospects turn to online reviews to see the experience others had with your business. You must manage your online reputation to ensure that options select your business.

You are going to get a mix of negative and positive reviews. Getting negative reviews isn’t the end of the road since people expect to see lousy reviews. The crucial part is that manage online reviews.

Property owners want to feel valued. If you don’t have time to manage online reviews, you can invest in online reputation management services. Such services will help you manage your reviews better so that you keep your current and past customers happy while attracting new ones.

7. Blog about the Latest Trends in Roofing 

 Start a blog on your roofing website and create content on the hottest trends on roofing. This will make you look well-informed and intelligent. Approach roofing websites that accept guest posts and publish posts to expand your reach and get valuable backlinks. Create and publish authoritative content on the roofing niche to become an authority in the roofing industry.

8. Nurture Roofing Leads to Convert With Email Marketing

If you are searching for roofing marketing ideas, email marketing is an excellent option for your roofing business. This strategy assists you in nurturing roofing leads, helping them to convert. To use email marketing, you must get a list of subscribers.

An effective way to do this is via your roofing website. To get client’s emails, you can offer them an exclusive template or guide. By investing in email marketing, you will get leads interested in your roofing services. It is a great roofing marketing idea that will help grow your roofing company and improve your brand awareness online.

9. Ask Roofing Material Manufacturers for Backlinks

External links from reliable domains are very crucial in boosting your search rankings. Contact roofing material producers you have previously worked with and ask them to include your name in their customer’s list. Many roofing material suppliers have pages that list roofers who use their products. This is vital for improving organic search results and online visibility.

Set up Call Tracking for Roofing Business

10. Set up Call Tracking

If you are like most roofing contractors, your potential and existing clients call your office to obtain details or ask questions about roofing projects. These are your qualified leads, and you need to track them. Set up call tracking on Google Ads and analytics to stay on top of phone leads and later create nurturing those leads.

11. Use Multichannel Roofing Marketing

Any medium you utilize to market or engage with your roofing clients is known as a channel. Clients can move from one channel to the next within a blink of an eye. They might come across a post on LinkedIn, go to your roofing website to know more about you and your company, check reviews on your website, and contact your office through their mobile phone. That’s why you need to have a presence on multiple channels online.

12. Use Geofencing Advertising to Reach More Roofing Leads Online

Geofencing advertising is a great roofing marketing idea to assist your company reaches new leads.

With Geofencing, you create an invisible fence encompassing a specific area, generally surrounding a building like your business.

Once property owners enter the fence, they get a notification about your roofing company or see a Facebook ad related to your roofing business. This can prompt them to think about contacting your business.

As a roofer, you want to focus on conferences, trade shows, and other events where your leads will frequent. It is an excellent way to get attendees to get exposed to your roofing company for the first time. Geofencing presents a perfect opportunity for your roofing business to target your prospects in areas where they are likely to be thinking about your services or products.

13. Use Analytics to Measure Your Roofing Advertising Campaign Success

The best roofing marketing strategy isn’t complete without measuring or tracking the overall results. For example, how does your roofing website measure up against rivals?

While they are helpful deliverables, site traffic and rankings are not the actual measurements of your campaign success. To ensure your internet marketing and roofing website is performing optimally, track the following analytics:

Measure Advertising, Revenue, and Sales

Of course, you can’t pay your crew with rankings or web traffic, but you can with income/revenue. Revenue and sales are good indicators of your roofing marketing success since they affect the money coming into your roofing company daily.

But how do you determine your sales and revenue? Tracking the number of roofing leads you have and what their buying journey is like on your roofing website is essential. A good roofing SEO strategy will measure the qualified traffic, conversion rate and get involved in conversion rate optimization.

Besides, you also need to track the number of calls received through various online marketing initiatives like Google Ads and Facebook ads.

14. Use Retargeting Ads

Have you ever come across those ads that seem to follow you around the internet? You search for roofing contractors on Tuesday and the rest of the week, all you see are ads for roofers. This is known as ad retargeting, and it is an intelligent strategy for high-ticket jobs like roofing services.

Roofing Retargeting Ads

Retargeting uses the information collected from a prospect’s previous online searching behavior to show up relevant ads. For instance, a prospect who has been researching the cost of an average roof could see your ads, although they are not actively searching for roofing services information.

You can use retargeting with Facebook ads, Google ads, and more. As potential clients see your retargeting ads over time, it creates awareness of your roofing brand. Ad retargeting is a fantastic way to grow your roofing company on a minimal budget.

Offline Roofing Marketing Ideas to Reach New Prospects

15. Make Money from Bad Weather

By focusing your roofing marketing on local and seasonal needs, you can create campaigns in response to weather profit and events from poor weather.

Based on the region of the country where your company is situated, your clients may need gutters to deal with rain barrels or downpours to conserve rainwater. Clients may be in need after a huge storm damaged many roofs in your area. These are just instances where your marketing and business activity can correspond with the weather.

PPC ads can help roofing contractors make most of the bad weather. They provide a great way to target your marketing both locally and seasonally. Since you create PPC ads faster, you can use them to take advantage of upcoming or ongoing weather. That’s something you can’t achieve with billboards, print, or other conventional marketing methods.

Is a heavy downpour forecasted for next month? Instantly put up a PPC ad for 20 or 30% off roof inspections, urging clients to prepare for the storm. Remind potential customers now it is an excellent time to begin any major roofing projects they have been postponing.

The best part is that such Google Ads helps you to choose specific locations and only display ads to prospects in those locations. This implies you won’t waste marketing dollars in locations you can’t offer services in. If you serve a more comprehensive service area, you can target various ad campaigns to multiple regions within those territories. You can even target ZIP codes within a specific city.

16. Sponsor a Local Event or Sports Team

There must be event organizers, local school clubs, and sports teams searching for sponsors in your area. Support a team and print your business logo prominently on their caps and shirts. Sponsor a local event and showcase your brand name at the event through posters, billboards, video projection, or other branding techniques.

Roofing Direct Mail Campaign

17. Run a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail can get new roofing clients if done correctly. Long-form letters don’t work in an age where people seek instant gratification, but leaflets and postcards can grab the attention of potential clients. You can craft your mail to include a particular offer that helps you measure its effectiveness.

Get creative with your roofing direct mail campaign design to generate even more brand awareness, leads, and recall. Consider aligning your strategy with your professional roofing business card design as well.

18. Trade Shows to Get New Commercial Roofing Leads

Trade shows don’t just offer a chance to check the competition; you can get partnerships, new leads, and company awareness. Ensure that anybody who comes to your stand obtains a freebie they will deem valuable. Besides, you can offer educational content on home improvement and residential roof repairs. Lastly, make sure you follow up with prospects you come across.

19. Give Away Something for Free

Most property owners will be interested in doing business with roofers who offer something for free. They are likely to identify with roofing businesses that offer freebies. Based on how you decide to execute this roofing marketing strategy, it will boost your brand awareness and help you stand out.

You can offer a free deal such as a free roof estimate or roof inspection. It can also foster goodwill in your prospects and make them think of your company every time they need a roofing contractor.

20. Get Involved in the Local Community 

Another inexpensive way to market your roofing services is by getting involved in your local community. You can either help fix a roof in the surrounding community. No matter the activity you decide to be involved in, make sure you use branded items like T-shirts, vehicle wraps, etc. this will go along a way to showing your community that you care while assisting you to gain exposure. You should also post community on social media profiles to reach a larger audience. The community will view you as a business that cares about them much more than revenue or profits.

Roofing Marketing Ideas- Leverage Technology

21. Automate Online Marketing 

Nurturing leads can be challenging and tedious, especially if done manually. Use automation to streamline messaging and minimize your workload. Schedule social media posts, write an email sequence, Incorporate SMS into your roofing website, and combine messaging with the levels in their buying journey.

Automate Online Roofing Marketing 

22. Nurture Customers with CRM Technology

Leads are the lifeblood of any roofing business. You should generate as many qualified leads as possible and nurture them through the conversion funnel. Using a CRM will make sure that you track all the leads and nothing falling through the cracks. There are various specialized roofing CRM software applications available in the market. Monitor them and select one that’s suitable for your business needs.

Improve Service Delivery with Emerging Technology

Mobile apps have revolutionized how people search for roofing services online. Integrated mobile solutions are available to manage all kinds of roofing projects, including estimation, design, material calculation, and project coordination and management. Roofers who evolve with technology will outrank their competitors by booking more jobs through digital client interactions.

How to Market Your Roofing Company-Wrap Up

Implementing all the roofing marketing ideas above can be a daunting task, especially if you have many things requiring your attention.

With this post, you now have helpful hints on how to market your roofing company, both online and offline.

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Marketing Roofing

8 Signs Your Roofing Business Needs a New Internet Marketing Campaign

Digital roofing marketing has become the most efficient ways for roofers to maximize their growth and reach. No matter the size of your company, you cannot wish to make more money in the roofing industry without a vibrant online web presence.

One of the surefire signs that your internet marketing isn’t working is not to achieve the results you want from your roofing marketing campaigns.

However, knowing whether your roofing marketing requires an overhaul isn’t always a walk in the park, as there can be many pitfalls in your current strategy.

The sad reality is, you may not understand whether your roofing marketing is effective if you don’t know what marketing metrics to track or how to monitor them. If you are looking out for a sign that your digital roofing marketing needs an overhaul, check out our list below:

Converting Leads into Paying Clients

1. You Are Not Converting Leads into Paying Clients

Digital roofing marketing is all about generating roofing leads and converting them to clients. You want more prospects/clients to learn about your roofing business, and more importantly, convert those prospects/clients into a sales contact, opportunity, or similar things.

If you are getting lots of roofing leads but can’t seem to convert them, go back to the drawing board and see what’s not adding up. Consider the CTAs of your roofing website, the quality of content you published, or the keywords you target. These factors could be the leading cause of your challenge or problem. Whichever the reason, low conversion rates are a sure sign that your roofing marketing strategy needs an are getting little or no traffic in your roofing website

2. You are getting Little or No Traffic In Your Roofing Website

If you are getting no or little traffic on your website, that might be a bad sign.

No traffic implies your roofing marketing efforts are not helping to drive prospects/clients to your roofing website or social media accounts.

Most platforms like Google or Facebook have their unique algorithm, which shows content seen by the browsers.

The proper roofing marketing techniques will help you make most of these complex algorithms and drive lots of traffic to your company through the right platforms.


3. Your Roofing Website is Buried in the Second or Third Page of the Search Results

Property owners/managers utilize search engines like Google or Bing to find roofing contractors near them every day.

If prospects/clients are using Bing or Google to find roofing businesses like yours, but if your roofing website is not ranking high in the search engine results, you will likely lose tons of prospects to the competition.

Some roofing websites will rank higher than others in the search results.

This is because other companies invest in their roofing SEO to rank on top of the search engine results.

Don’t leave your search rankings to chance; ensure you have a comprehensive roofing SEO strategy that’s actively working to place your roofing website at the top of search engines.


4. You Are Not Reaching Your Target Audience

One advantage that sets internet marketing apart from conventional approaches is your roofing business’s connection level can strike with clients.

Nowadays, you can track the prospects you want to target, understand their interests, and later use those details to establish a lasting relationship with them.

If you are struggling to reach your target market, it’s time to revamp your digital marketing approach ASAP. Don’t assume clients will know your services through recommendations from neighbors and friends alone.You Are Not Reaching Your Target Audience

5. You Are Losing Advertising Dollars

Internet marketing strategies for roofers can produce a great return on investment, even when you spend a small amount. But it is straightforward to waste money on an online marketing campaign, especially if you don’t know what you expect. And if your roofing marketing strategies are wasting your advertising dollars, it may be good to start working with a reputable roofing marketing agency like Blackstorm Roofing Marketing.


6. You Are Obsessed With Viral Content

Roofing content marketers are always fascinated by viral content. That implies creating a story that produces lots of likes, shares, clicks, comments, etc. But clicks to your roofing website are only essential if they are relevant.

While it sounds fantastic to say that one of Facebook’s posts received over 20k clicks, there are slim chances that those clicks are relevant to your roofing services or products.

High volume of irrelevant traffic can produce increased bounce rates, which can hurt your search rankings. So, if your roofing content approach is all about going viral, it’s time to revamp your marketing strategy and start focusing on quality over quantity.


7. The Returns of Your PPC Campaigns Are Abysmal

Pay-Per-Click adverts are great ways to get in front of prospects/clients and obtain roofing leads, but they can be super expensive, especially if not done right.

Many roofers achieve poor results from paid ads because they don’t target correctly, browsers aren’t converting, or the Cost per Click is above the roof. The key to effective roofing PPC campaigns is targeting the right audience with the right content. If you are not sure where to start with your PPC campaign, our growth coaches can help.

You Are Not Achieving The Desired Revenue Numbers

8. You Are Not Achieving The Desired Revenue Numbers

The last but most crucial sign that your roofing marketing needs a revamp is to hit your income target. If you are using money or time into your online roofing marketing, you should be getting actual outcomes in terms of revenue. If your roofing marketing dollars aren’t paying off, it may be time to revamp your current marketing strategy.

If you don’t see the leads, dollars rolling in, and traffic, it’s time to take a different approach or try another roofing marketing agency.

If any of the signs we covered above apply to your roofing business, it makes sense to start working with a reputable agency like Blackstorm Roofing Marketing.

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