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4 Easy Ways to Generate Qualified Roofing Leads Every Month

4 Easy Ways to Generate Qualified Roofing Leads Every Month

Do you want to get a steady flow of qualified roofing leads but don’t where to start?

Are you tired of wasting your marketing dollars on bad leads?

If you want to increase your roofing sales through lead generation, then this post is designed for you…

Any roofer knows that generating exclusive roofing leads consistently can be an uphill task.

But once you have put up the systems and processes to generate roofing leads regularly, you will have endless possibilities of growing your roofing business.

If you want to know how you can transform your roofing website into a lead generation machine, this post has everything you need to know.

But let us first dive into the basics!

What is an Exclusive Roofing lead?

Before we start our discussion on how to get more leads, let us make sure that we understand what roofing leads are, types and how they can increase your roofing sales.

One major challenge that we see many roofers facing when they purchase leads is that they are never satisfied because most of these leads don’t convert into sales.

Many times, it is the lead generation company that should be blamed for offering a poor-quality roofing lead. On the flip side, there are many instances when the roofer fails to understand what they are spending money on.

“A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information” ~Source

Many marketers tend to argue about the true definition of a sales lead. However, the most crucial thing to know is that a lead is neither a sale nor an appointment.

In simple terms, a roofing lead is any organization or individual who has expressed interest in your service or products and offered contact details to know more about it.

An exclusive roofing lead is specifically intended for your business rather than being a general inquiry into roofing products or services on a directory type website.

But leads convert into sales. And for your roofing business to get deals, you required leads. And that’s why it essential to have a system or process in place to generate them regularly.

Commercial vs. Residential Roofing Leads

Roofers have two kinds of leads in their industry: Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C). Commercial leads will be harder to get than residential leads.

Here are the top ways to Get Roofing Leads Online (Without any Guesswork!)

1. Local Maps SEO

Many roofers are wary of SEO. Some think that it is dead, while others don’t view it as a worthwhile business investment.

Well, we are here to assure you that Local roofing SEO can help you obtain relevant traffic, quality leads, and increased sales. If you are a local roofer, your leads will typically come from the community living around you.

If you want your roofing business to appear on top of local search results, then you need to use local SEO mapping techniques to ensure that prospects find you online when they require your services.

You can produce Google Maps leads from searches like:

  • Roof installation [City]
  • Roof Replacement [City]
  • Roof Repair [City]

To dominate local search roofing results, your business must be registered with my Google My Business. If you want to how to set up your GMB roofer profile, follow the steps outlined in this post.

Obtaining positive Google reviews to inform clients about your excellent reputation is also crucial to generating quality roofing leads from Google maps.

2. Organic SEO for Qualified Roofing Leads

Organic SEO is the process of getting your roofing website ranked high in SERPs. Although most of your leads and traffic will come from listing your business on Google maps, there are other SEO opportunities that you can grab.

You can grab long-tail keywords from your rivals that they don’t consider to rank for. And this can help your roofing business to generate an extra 100 leads every month.

This is where crafting informative, engaging, and high-quality content about topics within your industry comes in handy. There are two kinds of content that most roofers rank organically in any search result.

First, you can list your services plus the cities covered. Some of the topic headlines here include:

  1. Roofing Contractor in Town/Neighborhood/City, State
  2. Roof Replacement Companies in [City, Town or State]

Secondly, you can write top-notch articles to help you get listed in Google search results. Some examples of high-quality roofing articles include:

  • Why you need roof replacement services?
  • What is the ideal roof shingle type for winter?

Organic SEO can take your roofing lead generation to the next level if you work with a reputable SEO agency. Blackstorm Roofing Marketing team will create a unique roofing SEO strategy that will improve your roofing website rankings in SERP’s.

3. Invest in Pay Per Click Advertising to Get Exclusive Roofing Leads

As a roofer, you might have heard about Google Adwords previously. Many roofing companies have mixed reactions about PPC lead generation; some claim it is expensive while others are comfortable with it.

But before you make your decision, here are some statistics that might change your perception:

-For every $1 spent on PPC, the average business generates $2 in income (Source)

-90% of organic traffic obtained from search ads cannot be replaced by clicks when ads are paused. (Google).

As a leading roofing PPC advertising company, we can guarantee you that Google Adwords can generate more roofing leads than any other roofing marketing campaign. We will help you know which keywords are crucial for your business and calculate their conversion costs to ensure the success of your campaign.

4. Directory Sites and Local Review

Now, this is not another lead generation technique, however having your business phone, name, service, and address listed in the local directories can help clients to visit your roofing website and become potential leads in the future.

Your online reputation is one aspect that improves the visibility of your business. Many prospects will look for reviews and more details about your business before contacting you.

Some of the best local directories and review sites include:

  • -Better Business Bureau
  • -Yelp
  • -Yellow pages
  • -Home Advisor

Final Thoughts

There are literary thousands of ways of getting more exclusive roofing leads to your business. But few of them that have been time-tested include local maps SEO, getting higher rankings on search engines, and creating a professional roofing website that will appeal to your prospects/clients.

The strategies discussed above have highlighted some of the little-known ways to generate roofing leads. If you want to convert your roofing website into a lead generation machine, don’t hesitate to schedule a free strategy session with us today.


We work with roofers all over the country to uncover their problems, analyzing their competition, also developing a dominating growth strategy; we could easily charge $1,000.

We are offering this $1,000 strategy session completely Free. We will invest the time, resources, and expertise… all you have to do is invest your time.

Those who don’t take Step #1 can never take Step #2. Schedule your strategy session now.

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