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Let’s say that you have all your ducks in a row, as far as your marketing goes. Let’s say you have a well-optimized website with the perfect content and calls to action. Let’s also say the site is ranking for lots of relevant keywords that your ideal prospects are searching for to find a roofer in your area. Let’s also say that you are spending money on advertising to bring in additional traffic to your online presence. What do you think will happen when your ideal prospect lands on your brand online and then finds out you have a rotten reputation? 

Everywhere they see your name, it is followed by negative reviews and dissatisfied customers telling their horror stories of working with you. Do you think all that excellent work to get your brand in front of your ideal prospect did any good? Would you choose a company to do work for you if you noticed they had a plethora of negative reviews and testimonials? The answer is unanimous, NO. 

“Great marketing makes a bad product fail faster.” ~David Ogilvy

A good reputation is critical for any business. Whether your roofing business is doing well or your brand experiences negative feedback, a reputation management team is what you need to salvage the situation. A good team that can restore your brand’s name and restores your confidence is necessary.

Reputation Management: What is It?

Your online activity forms an impression on your roofing target audience, whether you like it or not. For some business owners, a bad reputation can mean the end of a massive social media following and, subsequently, monetary losses. Whether your online reputation may be currently positive or even negative, you can improve it by putting specific strategies in place.

An online reputation-management professional ensures that your roofing brand is well-represented on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not only will they help you manage your reputation on social media platforms but also your website and online search engine tools such as Google and Yelp. With an excellent online reputation, you are destined to get more followers and a broader market for your services, because people usually gravitate to platforms that garner positive reviews.


Our company is renowned as an online reputation management solution for roofing professionals and business owners. We have worked with business owners in the roofing industry, and we know how important it is to maintain an impressive reputation in the internet age.

One of how we help to manage an excellent online reputation for your roofing brand is by working on improving your search engine results. We do this by controlling the results that come up when an outsider searches your roofing brand. A positive search result could lead to more followers and potential clientele or customer base.

Another way of managing your roofer reputation on online platforms is by improving and monitoring your online reviews. Our team of experts will work with your online platforms and social media pages to improve your ratings and reviews to create a lasting positive impression of your roofing business and brand.

For any business owner, damage control is crucial whenever they receive negative publicity. Some of the best ways of doing this include putting out public releases and public messages on targeted platforms. A good reputation management team can help you solve an otherwise damaging series of negativity from your roofing brand by deflecting such ratings or reviews with positive messages.

It is also important to get reports that track your online reputation, keeping awareness about what is being said about your brand. We do this for our clients and communicate this information to them.

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