Why is Website Maintenance Important for Your Roofing Business?


Keep Your Roofing Website Up to Date-Don’t Lose Potential Roofing Clients to your competition for no Reason!

Just like the other tools of the trade, your roofing website needs to be maintained to achieve its lead generation objectives. Your roofing website is the digital face of your company. It is the first thing that your prospects/clients encounter when they are searching for roofing services online. Upon landing on your site, the prospects will take only a few seconds to decide whether or not they will hire or call you for roofing services.

Before we dive into our post, lets us first know what website maintenance is and how it can help your roofing business.

What is Roofing Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance refers to the process of keeping your roofing site updated and free from errors. It is generally a process of checking your site regularly to update, make it client-friendly and safeguarded from harm. Website maintenance services make sure that your prospects have a seamless browsing experience whenever they land on your web page online.

Routine website maintenance is vital for your roofing business growth. After all, if prospects cannot find value on your site or access your service offerings, you will lose leads, and the entire process of creating a roofing website becomes pointless.

Hacking is the first security challenge that most roofing websites are bound to encounter. Your roofing website will have many visitors. Some will be your clients, while others want to snatch your back-end details illegally. While countless reasons could make your site to be hacked, such as mining Bitcoin, Blackhat SEO campaigns, and downloads. Hackers mostly target outdated, roofing websites.

Why Does a Roofer Require Website Maintenance Services?

Customer Interest

A well-maintained roofing website attracts new prospects and maintains the engagement levels of existing clients. Your website should be client-oriented, and thus it should be maintained regularly to ensure that customers are getting a great experience. Periodically check that the contact forms works, services, or products are correct and current.

Well-maintained Roofing Websites Rank High in Search Engines

Routine website maintenance is vital to improving your search engine rankings. Roofing websites with outdated content have lower search engine rankings. Google first checks whether your HTTP header is modified to know whether your site is worth crawling. Failing to alter your site regularly could make your site to be pushed below your competitors and could cost your business over time.

Website Maintenance Improves online security of your roofing business

Hackers like to target roofing websites that are not updated regularly to steal crucial back-end information. They first look for “view page source” and get important information about the CMS version your business is currently using.

If you think that your roofing website is too small to be hacked, think again! Contrary to popular belief, hackers prefer small roofing websites because they are very resourceful.

Website maintenance helps Your Roofing Business to Keep in Touch With the New Technology

By maintaining your site routinely, you will stay abreast of the latest advanced technology that you can use to improve your site’s functionality.

Roofing Website Maintenance services help to maintain Your Brand’s Image

Your roofing website is an online representation of your brand’s reputation. A poorly-maintained roofing website with lots of dead pages, errors, broken links, and old posts projects a sloppy brand image and can cause your business to lose leads over time. Routine website maintenance examines the look and design of your roofing website to match it with your brand’s image.

Roofing Website Maintenance: Just Do it!

Have we given enough information on why we believe that website maintenance services are critical for your roofing business? When you are working with Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, website maintenance is not just another marketing tactic! Investing in a roofing website is like purchasing a brand new car- you get most out of it if you are following up with proper routine maintenance. Routine maintenance will keep your roofing website operating at optimum performance, remove or reduce any security threats, and ensure that your prospects find all the crucial information they require.

When you use your marketing dollars to maintain your website, you minimize the risk of wasting your money to fix problems that could have been prevented. When you invest in regular roofing website maintenance, you will provide your prospects/clients with the best possible experience and a secure environment for transactions. Your roofing website will ultimately reject (Malware, hackers, bots) and embrace what you want-more booked jobs, leads, and high search rankings.

Let Us Help You Out!

Most roofers understand the importance of having a website, but they mostly build a site, launch it and leave it, ignoring website maintenance completely. If your roofing website is not well-maintained, then you are likely losing potential clients and leads, and that is going to affect your bottom line in the long run. Creating a user-friendly, visually-appealing is one step of letting prospects know that your business exists. Still, routine maintenance is crucial if you want your roofing sales and visibility to grow. At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, our professionals will make sure that you get a high-quality roofing website and follow up with an affordable routine maintenance plan to make sure that your prospects/clients enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

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