Is SEO A Big Waste of Time for Roofers?

Is SEO A Big Waste of Time for Roofers-2

Is SEO A Big Waste of Time for Roofers?

In the last decade, search engine optimization (SEO) has gone from being practically unheard of to be the foundation of digital marketing. Experts are raving about link building, keyword mastery, and domain authority, but is roofing SEO genuinely as vital for a roofing business as we have been led to believe? Let’s take a moment to consider what SEO is exactly and whether your roofing business should be investing time into it.

What is Roofing SEO?

When we have questions or issues, Google is the first place that most of us will go to search for answers. Very few, however, will look through more than the first page or two of results. SEO is the process of curating your roofing business’s web content with the intention of ranking highly on these Google search results. Ranking highly on a Google search will expose your roofing business to a wider pool of consumers, consumers that have already expressed an interest in your scope of work and are quite likely to convert to clients, so its profitable to rank highly on a number of relevant searches.

Does SEO deserve your time?

It probably goes without saying that ranking well on Google searches is beneficial for your roofing business. But you only have so much time in the day. The real question should be: does it make sense to invest time into SEO, even if it comes at the cost of working on alternative marketing strategies? Does investing a significant amount of time into SEO reap significantly more benefits than a minimal SEO strategy? This is the crux of the issue.

It’s important to understand that SEO is an incredibly complex art. Though we know a few of the factors involved, the exact formula that Google follows to rank search results remains unknown. As a result, improving your roofing business’s search ranking can be hit-or-miss. For instance, rewriting your web page’s meta-description to feature specific keywords may help improve your Google ranking. It may also do seemingly nothing. The most effective Roofing SEO strategists know that improving your search rankings can require more than a few attempts. Additionally, good SEO strategies approach search rankings through a number of perspectives. In other words, it is not enough to just rewrite your web page’s meta-description; you will also need to put time into establishing your site’s domain authority, updating your Google My Business information, and posting regularly to your site.

But perhaps the most complicated aspect of SEO comes from its impermanent nature. Google’s ranking formula is constantly evolving. Your competitor’s content will continue to develop. New competitors will emerge. Your content ranking highly on a Google search today is no promise that it will rank highly tomorrow. In order to maintain a high ranking, SEO will need to become a regular process for your roofing business.

But is the process of SEO worthwhile? Absolutely. As stated previously, the Google search results page is the ideal place to reach potential clients. It is a place where consumers that are actively searching for goods or services that you offer can discover your brand. By taking the time to rank highly on search results, you make your roofing business obvious and accessible to these consumers. So while SEO is a significant time commitment, it pays to make this investment and give the process the time and resources it needs.




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