What and Why are Backlinks Important for Ranking Your Roofing Website in Google?

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“The only constant in life is change.”

For those of you who are long in the tooth, you certainly remember the few platforms a vendor had to advertise themselves. Those platforms were few and far in between – we are talking about the classified section of the newspapers and the occasional billboard. In rare cases, a vendor could choose to place an advert on the air (either via TV or radio). Those days are forever gone and thankfully for any business entity that wants to reach out to potential clients, there is plenty of opportunity in the information age.

To get a foothold in the online world, you as a roofing company need to be noticed anytime a client keys in your name or product on a search engine. The odds are definitely against you making the cut unless you have a bag of tricks to leaping to the frontline each time a search query is keyed in for your product. BlackStorm Design + Marketing has a few tricks in their bag to get you to the top of Google searches. The solution lies in our intimate understanding of how backlinking works. Let us break this concept for you in a simple and constructive way.

A backlink is a link to your roofing site from another website. For instance, if a housing magazine( online) cited the advantages of a certain roofing material based on an article on your blog, followed this up by giving a link to your roofing website, that is what is referred to as backlinking. At the basic level, a backlink should be viewed as an online referral. This is important because it gives you a degree of credibility that Google –via algorithms notes and consequently influences your ranking on the search engine.

Roofing backlinks or any backlink for that matter can be categorized into four groups. The distinction is made below.

Social vs. Earned Backlink

If your business has a Facebook account and you enter the link of your roofing website to your profile, that is considered a social backlink. The impact of this is limited in the sense that anyone can do likewise. An earned backlink carries more weight. If for instance CNN runs a story about storms and cited an article on your roofing website- complete with your roofing backlink that would be considered an earned backlink.

High vs. Low-Quality Links

A low-quality link would be a link obtained from spam or links purchased in bulk from third parties. The truth of the matter is that those are techniques that might have gotten some traction 5 years ago. Those moves are dead as a dodo today and we avoid them totally.

High-quality links, as you can imagine, are not easy to obtain. However, we can aide you get high-quality roofing backlinks by either guiding you on how to sponsor articles on a high-quality site- on condition that they backlink to your roofing site. In the same vein, we would advise that you purchase a quality blog from an auction- sites that have links to high-quality websites – then run your content on these blogs, whilst using the backlinks previously used on the blog.

Fast vs. Consistent Backlinking

Building backlinks has got to be organic. If the algorithms of your search engine flag that links are being built at too fast a rate, then the site could be flagged for suspicious activity and this ends up doing more harm than good. A scenario where suspect backlinking has occurred would be in a context where a site has 30 backlinks in less than a year.

To master consistent backlinking one must have patience. It may take time but as one Oriental proverb states: A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. At BlackStorm, we have the patience to build your brand progressively over a period of time.

Keyword Optimization vs. URL Backlinks

A backlink could be the URL of your roofing company. A second backlink could be based on wordplay- such as roofing backlinks. The Google search engine could pick up on the keyword or even URL, add points on the website’s rankings and this would improve your visibility online.

If you want to improve on your roofing SEO site rankings, we are the go-to guys for roofers and their marketing. We help you define your goals, convert leads to clients, and retain repeat clients. Give us that call today.



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