7 Signs That Your Roofing Website Isn’t Built to Generate Leads.

7 Signs That Your Roofing Website Isn’t Built to Generate Leads.-2

If your phones are not ringing and contact form submissions via your website are few, your roofing website could be the problem. Many roofers fail to incorporate lead-generating tools in their websites, and that causes them to fail to get the leads they could quickly snatch.

Fortunately, this post will explain the ten flaws to avoid when creating lead generating websites.

10 Flaws To Avoid On Your Roofing Lead Generating Website

Your Roofing Website is not Mobile-Friendly

This comes on the top of the list because a non-mobile-friendly roofing website is a great hindrance to generating leads online. More people access roofing websites via smartphones than desktops, and the gap continues to widen every day. If your roofing website delivers smartphone users an awful experience, then they will form a negative perception of your roofing brand and are very likely to leave to your competitors. What is required is a responsive roofing website design-one that will automatically perform optimally on any screen size. If your roofing business does not use a responsive site, then you need to redesign it now.

Inadequate or misplaced Contact Forms

Contact forms should be sweet and short. Roofers usually error here because they ask too much information in the form. What do most of such prospects do? They will probably give and start looking for your competitors.


Secondly, if your prospects have to spend time hunting for your contact form, they will give up and find your competitors. The ideal place for links to contact forms are in the footer or body copy- these are areas prospects naturally search for contact links.

Unpersuasive or Too Much Copy

Potential clients need to be encouraged to make a call or submit a form. Usually, roofers fail to recognize this and write web content that mainly focuses on advantages, self-congratulatory texts, features rather than zeroing on problems they can solve for customers. Great lead generation roofing websites hit the nail on the head- thus making their prospects eager to learn more.


Besides, excellent roofing copy does not tell the entire story; it just a bit of content to make prospects curious to reach out to them. Lengthy copies are likely to bore or confuse prospects, and sometimes they can go completely unread.

Slow-Loading Pages

A roofing website that is designed to generate leads should be load fast. We all know how frustrating it can be trying to find information on a site that takes hours to load. What do most potential clients do? Exit and search for other roofers online. Fast loading pages are an excellent feature of an attractive roofing design.

Wrong Roofing SEO Foundation

Your website is an integral part of a roofing marketing strategy. Therefore, it should be engaging, creative, and optimized to pull prospects in making it one of the most effective ways of generating free roofing leads online. Thus having an SEO-friendly roofing website is crucial. General roofing SEO-related errors include worded navigation, poorly structured URL, and internal linking. If you have these problems on your website, feel free to schedule a free strategy session with our SEO experts today.

Poor Form and Phone Lead Tracking

Roofing companies that are serious about lead generation track phone calls and form submissions granularly, so that they can know where every lead is coming from. Let’s face it: if you can’t tell whether that significant qualified lead came from Bing search, Google search or an email, you will not know how to adjust your roofing marketing strategy to get more such leads online. Setting up proper tracking is a great website design skill that requires inmate knowledge of Bing, Google, and other digital marketing platforms.

Failure to Validate Roofing Sales Leads

Lastly, you will note that I have tactfully mentioned calls and lead submissions in the previous section. Kindly know that not all phone calls and form submissions are sales leads, this is vital! They might be misdialed phone numbers, personal requests, customer inquiries calls, or spam. Unless you have a system that differentiates between non-leads and actual leads, you may not know which digital marketing campaign is producing the highest ROI.


Design or Redesign Your Roofing Website to Generate Steady Flow of Leads Today

If your roofing website is not generating the much-needed traffic and leads, then you need to redesign it straightaway. Your roofing website is the best lead generation machine ever available at your disposal. It should attract property owners searching for roofing services online near your location and convert them to customers. A good roofing website should perform optimally regardless of the device that the visitors are using. In simple terms, it should be mobile-friendly and make Google crawlers happy, thus making your site to rank high in SERPS.

Your business needs to stand out from other roofers online. Fortunately, our web design team is ready to help you develop a stunning, mobile-friendly roofing website that will help to convert leads into clients for your business.

Avoid these seven mistakes, and your roofing website is sure to increase its lead generation performance!

If you want to build or redesign your roofing website, kindly schedule a free strategy session with our web designers today.




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