Outsourcing your Roofing Marketing is so crucial; here’s why!

Outsourcing your Roofing Marketing

You are operating an exceptional roofing business. Revenue and profit continue to improve every year. While money continues to increase, you find yourself with a plate full of chores that you tend to neglect crucial aspects of your roofing company like advertising or marketing.

Should your company outsource its roofing marketing? There are various reasons, but most of them boil down to expertise and dollars. We often talk to roofers who are struggling with advertising that doesn’t produce results. You invest your marketing dollars and don’t book any job in return for your investment.


5 Signs it’s Time to Outsource Your Roofing Marketing

Signs you need to Outsource Your Roofing Marketing

  • Your Phone is Not Ringing

Do your current marketing strategies make your phone ring?  This is the best litmus test to know whether your roofing marketing efforts are yielding results or not. It is daunting to argue that marketing yields qualified roofing leads and booked jobs.

Countless marketing strategies are being sold to roofing contractors today. These may include social media, postcards, and even internet marketing. Roofing sales representatives will try to sell services or products using a sales pitch, including charts, statistics, and graphs to convince you to purchase their solution. Since effective marketing is an integral part of running a successful roofing company, you should know what marketing strategies will work for your business over ineffective ones to drain your profits.


  • You Are Not Getting Enough Roofing Leads

At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we provide value to roofers by generating qualified roofing lead appointments. There is no guarantee that you will get one roofing appointment with various forms of advertising and marketing, leave alone booking a roofing job from your marketing dollars.

These marketers will tell you to just “have faith”, roofers waste their dollars on marketing based on a sales pitch and faith only to end up with nothing to show for it. Before you spend your hard-earned dollars on roofing marketing, ensure and ask if the marketing agency guarantees results. If they don’t have faith in their services offering or a solid rock guarantee, move on to find another roofer marketer.


  • Your Revenue is not growing fast

A particular roofer was investing hundreds of dollars in sending direct mail to prospects/clients. After analyzing the numbers, he discovered the number of jobs booked due to the direct mail campaigns could not even cater for postage fees! With lots of advertising and roofing marketing options available, the contractor switched from marketing that doesn’t produce results to one that generated a stream of roofing leads, booked jobs, and resulted in profits.

Just because you made a few bucks a year from a specific marketing method does not make it worthwhile. At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing contractors, close at least 40% of the roofing leads we generate.


  • Your Roofing Marketing Plans Are Thrown Together

Effective marketing requires thought and time, two crucial things that busy roofers don’t have time for. Typically, each campaign should start with a brainstorming session, excellent market research, and results evident from similar marketing campaigns. If you find your company foregoing all these crucial steps when creating a roofing marketing strategy and just developing an improvised solution, you won’t get most out of your marketing dollars. Most of these last-minute strategy sessions can impact your reputation in addition to wasting your advertising dollars, so hire a reputable agency like Blackstorm Roofing Marketing to orchestrate your campaign correctly.


  • Disappointed With Your Current Roofing Marketing Results

Lastly, if you are frustrated with the results you have been receiving, you may try to outsource your marketing to an experienced roofer marketing firm. So if you are unsatisfied with your advertising efforts, why not give an external roofing marketing agency a shot?

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Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Roofing Marketing May be Your Best Decision This Year

Should your roofing business outsource its marketing or create an internal marketing department?  This is a common challenge that most roofers face every day. If you want to know why most successful roofing contractors outsource their marketing, keep reading to understand the benefits!

Get Roofing Leads

Why should you outsource your roofing marketing this year?

Redeem Time

Outstanding achievements take time, and roofing marketing is no exception. Whether you are managing an existing ad campaign, responding to social media queries, roofing marketing is a full-time assignment. That’s why successful roofers tend to outsource their marketing so that they can continue doing their best; running their business.

Outsourcing roofing marketing saves time and money. Outsourcing your marketing helps to:

  •  Allows your employees to focus on productive tasks without being sidetracked by marketing tasks
  •    It Frees up your time, thus enabling you to focus on running your business
  •  Decreases time required to train employees to the standards and skills needed with internet marketing.

Leverage the Expertise of Roofing Industry Professionals to Work on Your Strategies

Partnering with a marketing agency provides your roofing business access to a pool of industry experts. If you outsource a full-time roofing marketing agency such as Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, you can access copywriters, Website designers, SEO experts, and marketers in one place.

Apart from the convenience, you also obtain the expertise that comes with experienced full-time marketers. For instance, we could hook you up with a dedicated account manager familiar with the roofing industry and your top strategy, such as content marketing. This will ensure that you get a smart strategy that utilizes the latest tactics and best practices to deliver exceptional results.

At Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, we work exclusively with home improvement contractors thus helping us to implement the best practices of our clients.

You can Save Money- Lots of it!

Outsourcing your roofing marketing functions helps you to scale up without having to spend thousands of dollars on capital expenditure such as training and hiring employees, buying equipment, leasing a building, and so on -all of which can be a considerable investment. By outsourcing a roofing marketing partner, like Blackstorm Roofing Marketing, you can cut on these operational costs, mainly if you hire an agency that offers an affordable package that meets all your marketing needs.

Instead of hiring a full-time employee to do online marketing for your business, partner with a reputable agency, just pay a monthly fee, and relax! You don’t have to pay salaries, insurance or other benefits when you outsource a roofing marketing agency. There are no leave or sick days and no training expenses, either. Just a flat monthly fee! You pay for the results you get without any hassle!

Ensure Consistency in Your Roofing Marketing Campaigns

Whether you like or not, employees in your in-house marketing department are bound to look for greener pastures during their career. After such employees change jobs, it can slowly disrupt your marketing. When it comes to marketing your roofing company, if you outsource the right agency, they can maintain a consistent voice in your marketing strategy. This is a role that Blackstorm Roofing Marketing for our roofing clients creates consistency in your marketing activities. We can keep your lead generation activities moving even when you have employees churn.

Furthermore, working with a reputable marketing agency can keep your marketing activities ongoing because there will always be a team available to work on your projects. The agency’s dedicated team will ensure that your marketing aspects are looked at despite your staff turnover.

Access to Advanced Marketing Analytics & Tools You Require to Succeed

Roofing marketing professionals at Blackstorm Roofing Marketing utilize specialized tools therefore; you will have every tool at your disposal to crush your competition. They use tools like Google Analytics, Semrush, Hootsuite, and Google Adwords. Combining such tools with conversion rate, copywriting and roofing SEO strategy is where the magic starts to happen.

Get a Fresh Perspective for Your Business

When it comes to running your roofing business, it is easy to lose focus on what really matters. It can be daunting to understand what will attract prospects/clients over the internet as a roofer. That’s where outsourcing an internet marketing company for roofing contractors comes into play.

An excellent online marketing agency can help to differentiate your business from the competition and see what needs to be done to attract more clients online. As an outsider, they can add important insights and seize unique opportunities you may have missed. This single advantage adds more value than any fee paid to a marketing agency.

Improve Roofing ROI

Improve Your ROI

The decision to hire a roofing marketing agency can also maximize your ROI. With a team of roofing industry experts working behind your campaign, your company can drive sales, leads, and traffic.

When you attain that goal, you get your business decision-makers approval, plus more investments in your advertising activities. Such investment can help you launch new strategies across various platforms, leading to higher ROI for your business.


Are You Ready to Outsource Your Roofing Marketing: What Next?

Is outsourcing your roofing marketing the best decision for your business? If so, don’t fall prey to selecting another agency you find over the internet. Although your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness is a great concept, it is crucial to partner with experts who can improve your company’s reputation.

Take time to consider your options, and make sure that you discuss your marketing goals with agencies before hiring them. There many self-proclaimed internet marketers out there, but one that is right for your company depends on the goals you wants to achieve.

Are you searching for help with your internet marketing? Does your roofing business need a rebrand?  Are you focused on particular KPIs?  These are some things that you should discuss with your agency prior to signing the contract.

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