How to Create Successful Roofing Google Ads Campaigns in 2022 And Beyond

Roofing Google Ads Can Make Your Business More Profitable If Implemented As Outlined in This Post! Do you want to book more roofing jobs in 2022? Want to grow your roofing company online? As a roofing contractor, you understand how the roofing landscape can become competitive- especially when hailstorm damage hits. That’s why we created […]

Why 90% of Roofers Lose Money with Google Ads (AdWords)

oofing search ads google adwords PPC-2

How You Can Create an effective Adwords Campaign that Generates Consistent Stream of Leads. “We tried PPC ads but did not get any results from it.” “It was a waste of our marketing dollars; it didn’t work.” We meet a lot of roofing contractors each week. 90% of them believe that PPC ads don’t work. […]

Hey Roofers, Google AdWords is now Google Ads

Roofing Google AdWords is now Google Ads

  Google AdWords is now Google Ads since they rebranded and consolidated two other significant platforms, Google Ad Manager, and Google Marketing Platform. You may wonder why they decided to make this move. Well, the answer is pretty simple. The market change during the past 18 years, the moment when they first launched Google Adwords. […]

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