Hey Roofers, Google AdWords is now Google Ads

Roofing Google AdWords is now Google Ads


Google AdWords is now Google Ads since they rebranded and consolidated two other significant platforms, Google Ad Manager, and Google Marketing Platform. You may wonder why they decided to make this move. Well, the answer is pretty simple. The market change during the past 18 years, the moment when they first launched Google Adwords. And, in consequence, the customer’s needs changed as well. So, Google responds to the new demands by creating a new service, based on the main features of the old one, but with significant improvement. Further, we will discuss the subject more and how it impacts the marketing campaigns. If you activate online, you must know details about roofing Adwords.

What changed?

As we stated previously, the online market changed a lot since 18 years ago when Google started. Therefore, the interest in mobile plays a huge role nowadays. And this changes the game for marketers. They have to reach their audience on multiple devices, numerous channels for effective campaigns. Based on this considerable switch in consumer behavior, Google Ads evolved from the simple goal of formerly Adwords to helping marketers connect with people on the search engine, to help them connect with potential clients in every step of their buying journey. And this implies numerous types of advertising, such as videos, display, text. So, now, using Google Ads, you can reach your target audience in a broader number of ways tailored to their current needs. You can connect with a broader audience, by coming in your customer’s way when he is searching for answers in the search box, when they are watching a video on Youtube, exploring places on Google maps, discovering apps in Google Play, and much more. You will be able to stay at the top of the mind of your target audience on every channel possible. And for marketers, this is pure gold.
Moreover, Google Ads, in comparison with roofing Adwords, provides solutions for every type of company, depending on the size and target. It is a much easier way to create effective marketing campaigns that sell, delivering valuable and trustworthy ads. We can conclude here that Google makes things easier for you, as a roofing business owner, to get customers. And to support this statement, we will provide you a simple example for a better understanding.

If you own a small roofing business, you can try Smart campaigns. This type of campaign will allow you to target visitors who already have an interest in contacting you, through phone, or they plan a visit to your physical store. According to Google, this service is three times better at targeting your ads to the right audience, giving you the best ROI possible. It is a cost-efficient campaign that has the power to get you more clients. This campaign is addressed to the small business, who don’t have the time and expertise to run effective ads on their platform. And in this case, the solution is to direct your advertising budget in Google’s machine learning-enabled hands.

What is Google Ad Manager?

A critical part of Google Ads is Google Ad manager. This platform is a unified program of Double Click for publishers and Double Click Ad Exchange. The highlights of this new product launched by Google are exciting: optimizes revenue across all buyers;
monetizing the new places where people are watching, playing;
features algorithms to suggest growth opportunities;
provides intelligence on ads inventory.

All these great features will help your roofing company to expand the current profits efficiently. This platform is easier to use, and allows you to target your audience better, maximize your earnings, spending a cost-efficient budget. The ROI will be better, and you will see results fast, when you learn the new features and how to use them wisely.

What is Google Marketing Platform?

We mentioned the Google Marketing campaign previously as a part of the new Google ads, the rebranded roofing Google Adwords. But let’s find out more about the main features it provides for businesses and the benefits of using it.

This platform will allow you to plan, buy, measure, and optimize both digital media and customer experience, two focal points for your formerly Google Adwords campaigns. This will allow you to create effective campaigns while providing your customers control over their data and respect their privacy. This platform integrated ads and analytics in a single place, for better analysis and results. You can have an in-depth understanding of your clients, allowing you to tailor better ads that meet their needs. This platform is the ultimate way of optimizing your former roofing Adwords campaigns, with the focus on performance.

As you can see, the goal of rebranded Google Adwords is to support your advertising roofing business both in the present and future. You now have numerous available tools, reunited in a single platform, for much easier analysis and better results. Google desired to expand the advertising options without any further confusion, but also respond to the customer’s needs. When Google first appeared, 18 years ago, the searching process was far more straightforward. The potential customer on those days went home to their computer and starting to surf the web. Now, the process is more complicated. With the mobile rise, people access numerous platforms during the day, doing innumerable actions, such as searching in Google for a specific product/service, watching videos, playing, and so much more. And, marketers must reconsider their ways of getting to this active audience. This means that they must rely on a platform that allows them to reach potential customers on numerous channels. And this is precisely the point where Google Ads intervenes, providing a fast and useful solution.
If you are interested in finding out more details about how Google Ads and how you can improve your campaign significantly, we are more than happy to help you. We have free resources, more exact blog posts that will help you in your endeavor. Also, if you are searching for a specialist to take care efficiently of your Google Ads campaigns, we are here to help you and optimize your ads, providing the best outcome for your roofing company.



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