9 Creative Digital Marketing Hacks That Every Roofer Must Try in 2020

9 Creative Digital Marketing Hacks That Every Roofer Must Try in 2020-2

Get Qualified Roofing leads and Book More Jobs (Without Cold Calls or Begging)

As a roofer, you already know that finding new leads can be an uphill task. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to book more jobs for your company.

Although you might be required to learn some basics at first, knowing what roofing marketing strategies are effective to generate new leads does not have to be daunting. This post will share some affordable, practical roofing marketing tips that you can use to take your business to another level.

Without wasting time, let’s dive straight into the tips!

Do Some Local Search Roofing Marketing

Local search marketing will assist to put your roofing business on the map so that customers can find you in the relevant local searches.

Nothing rivals a good local search marketing strategy for roofers. When done properly, it can help customers find your business for roofing services.

However, local search roofing marketing is not something you can do overnight and expect good results. Its best handled by experienced roofing marketing experts!

Get a Client-Ready Roofing Website

Does your roofing website still look outdated?

You need to fix that right away!

It’s 2020 and clients will search for new roofers online to work with before they make a decision.

Nowadays, clients want instant results, because most of them have short concentration spans.

So if your roofing website is unattractive, loads slowly, or is confusing to use, prospects will leave and check at your competitor.

Make sure that your roofing website is easy to navigate and loads faster so that clients can dwell on your site more.

Also, ensure that you place clear call-to-action buttons to direct clients on what they should do after visiting your site.

If you want to redesign your roofing website, then our team will be glad to help you!  We will make your roofing website client-ready.

Manage Your Roofing Business Online Reputation

Well, most small roofers wrongly believe that reputation management is only reserved for prominent roofing contractors. In fact, maintaining a good online reputation is crucial to your roofing business success.

Through reputation management, you will be able to know how clients perceive your products or services and what your competitors are doing in the market.

Pro Tip:  Whenever you complete a project for a client, always request them to leave a nice review on any of your profiles either Google My Business or Yelp. This is crucial to assist others to select you as their contractor.

Take Advantage of Roofing Marketing Keywords

Keyword research is a crucial part of any roofing marketing strategy. You can use your roofing keywords for several things!

First, it helps you know exactly what terms prospects or clients are using when searching for your roofing products or services. There are various tools that you can use to research for roofing keywords.

However, as a roofer, your primary focus should be on running your business and not researching keywords. We will help you do some Roofing SEO and choose the right keywords that will put your site on top of search engines.

Provide Free Roof Inspections and Estimates to New Clients

One of the effective methods of booking more jobs is to provide a one-time deal, such as free roof estimates or inspections. This will create a sense of goodwill in your customer’s mind and will make them to fondly think of your business every time they require a roofer!

Use Social Media to Get Qualified Roofing Leads

It’s 2020. And you cannot market your roofing services without social media!

Everyone is using social media and so your business might be losing roofing leads if it does not have a Facebook page.

Once you have a great roofing website that’s getting good traffic, make sure that you re-market your roofing services to prospects who did not reach out to you.

Make sure that you craft social messages to every platform you will be using because customers, particularly generation Z, want to read customized messages depending on the platform they will be using.

Networking for Roofing Contractors

When was the last time you attended your Local Chamber of Commerce meetups?  You need to attend local meetups for business owners and tell them about your roofing services/company. You should also try hard to create good business relationships with real estate firms and property management companies who may require your roofing services in the future.

Try Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a cost-effective way of marketing your roofing business because it relays information directly to the targeted audience. It allows your site to improve its SERP rankings for relevant and specific keywords.

I t is easy to measure your results against marketing costs with PPC advertising. To achieve good results, your PPC campaign should give people a good reason why visit and click on your roofing website.

You may include some incentives like a special offer, free roof inspection report, and webinar, etc. Hiring a reputable roofing PPC advertising agency will help you to achieve your marketing goals faster than when doing it on your own.

Setup Google My Business Profile to Boost your Roofing SEO

Previous called Google places, Google My Business is a free tool that helps your roofing business to appear in Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google search. It is a mandatory requirement for local search marketing and a good place to kick start your roofing marketing campaigns!

Want to get More Booked Jobs and Qualified Roofing Leads? It all Begins with Dominating the Local Roofing Google Searches.  Get there with Roofing Marketing Hacks from Experts!

Well, it’s 2020 and if your roofing business is not showing up in the top three local searches, you are already behind the competition.

Blackstorm Roofing Marketing team can help. Our team of seasoned roofing marketing experts has huge experience helping roofing contractors and companies obtain good website traffic and convert more prospects into qualified leads.

If you are a roofer looking for a web design and marketing agency that will propel your business ahead of the competition, you have come to the right site.

We are the best roofing marketing agency under the sun.

With this post, you now have plenty of roofing marketing tips that will put your business ahead of the competition.

At BlackStorm, we monitor your social media and roofing SEO trends continually.

Contact us for a free online roofing marketing strategy session today.




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