10 Potential Marketing Problems For Roofing Businesses

10 Potential Marketing Problems For Roofing Businesses

Unfortunately, Roofing businesses, like yours, are really struggling these days to create a reliable flow of new Roofing Clients and finding it challenging to get more referrals. Worst of all, you know that awful feeling of hearing former clients went across town to a Roofing competitor’s company – when you never even knew that your client was dissatisfied.

If these are becoming common experiences for you, and if you’re smart enough to realize how important it is to do something to shift the tide in your company’s favor, keep reading.

PROBLEM #1) You Don’t Have A Reliable Way To Get New Roofing Clients Whenever You Want.

Without a no-fail system for attracting new clients to your Roofing business, it’s a matter of time before your “feast or famine,” client flow becomes more famine than feast. Providing excellent Roofing Client care is not enough to grow your Roofing business and keep your doors open. Even your most loyal long-term Roofing Clients may one day move away – and every Roofing business has some percentage of clients who are always changing companies.

That’s why it’s critical to have a reliable way to attract new Roofing Clients to your Roofing business. Without a way to get new Roofing Clients, it’s like you’ve got a slow leak in your company, and it’s just a matter of time before you no longer have enough clients to keep your Roofing business open.

A steady stream of new Roofing Clients is the lifeblood of any successful Roofing business. Without a surefire way to attract new Roofing Clients, it’s a matter of time before your Roofing company will be empty too often for your business to survive.

PROBLEM #2)You Don’t Have A Hassle-free Way Of Engaging With Prospective Clients To Make Them Feel Yours Is The Only Roofing Business For Them.

Masters of the sales process understand that selling is about creating momentum. The goal is to get prospective Roofing Clients to take the journey from curiosity to finally becoming a loyal and long-term Roofing Client. Seldom do people make an appointment with a new Roofing company on an impulse.

They often need a little nurturing to get them to move from the point of first becoming aware of your Roofing business until the day they actually make and keep an appointment with you.

Even if you’re able to generate interest among potential Roofing Clients, that’s no guarantee you’ll ever find choosing your Roofing company. If you’re not helping them become convinced in their own hearts and minds that yours is the business they should be attached to, they’ll find another Roofing business nearby and become their new Roofing Client instead of yours.

If you can’t engage with your prospects, you are guaranteed to lose thousands of client dollars every year.

PROBLEM #3) You’re Getting Less Traffic To Your Website Than Your Competitor Gets.

It doesn’t matter that you’re the better Roofing. If your competitor is getting more website traffic (people actively looking for a new Roofer), he or she is also getting more new Roofing Clients than you are.

A wise farmer once said, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Even if most of your new Roofing Clients come to you by word of mouth (and that’s always the best kind of new Roofing Client – one who knows, likes, and trusts one of your existing Roofing Clients and heard great things about your Roofing company from them), these days you must have a website that attracts high numbers of highly-targeted traffic.

It’s crucial to get all the website traffic you can in your local area because these are the people most likely to come to you and become lifelong, loyal clients who tell their friends and neighbors how wonderful you are. But if your competitor is getting the lion’s share of all those people searching for a roofer in your area, you will continue to fall further and further behind.

Insufficient website traffic is a serious problem that your competitors may already be welcoming new clients into their Roofing business who might have been yours.

PROBLEM #4) Having A Low-converting Website

You may not be making the most of the website traffic that manages to slip past your competitor’s site. It’s a fact – today’s website not only is your single most important advertising tool, but it also communicates who you are and what you do. But beyond this, it should also accomplish its primary job – to generate new Roofing Clients! Does your website do that? Are new Roofing Clients finding you through your website? Are they calling for an appointment or filling out the contact form because of what they saw on your site? If not, you’re losing money – and chances are, they are now your competitor’s new Roofing Client rather than coming to you.

A client’s first exposure to your Roofing business is your website. You will not get a single new Roofing Client who has not already looked at your website. Even if the client was referred by another client, they’d still check out your website before calling you.

Research has shown that your website has only five seconds to grab visitors’ attention before they move on to the next site. They must be able to clearly determine what you’re trying to communicate and how to navigate quickly to relevant information. Attention-grabbing graphics and clear, action-oriented text are critical to your website doing its job – generating new Roofing Clients!

Not having a high-converting website can mean losing hundreds of potential Roofing Clients. When new clients end up going to another Roofing business instead of yours because their website was more effective in getting them to call for an appointment, it’s taking money out of your pocket and putting it into your competitor’s.

PROBLEM #5) You Might Be Invisible To Your Mobile-using Prospective Roofing Clients.

It’s a mobile world now. There are lots of people who do all of their online searchings from mobile devices (cell phones & iPads), and if your Roofing business isn’t showing up, you’re losing potential Roofing Clients. In fact, in 2013, mobile phones surpassed computers as the most commonly used web access device. Not surprisingly, your everyday website loses impact when viewed on a mobile device and may not even format correctly.

If you want to go after active, financially-sound Roofing Clients, you have to be able to attract them on the device they use most often – their smart-phones. Think of this as a mobile sales tool – a way to attract Roofing Clients who are researching you on their phones. Will they find your Roofing company at all? Will they find a site that loads quickly, is easy to read and simple to navigate? Or will they get frustrated by trying to pinch and zoom to see the information they need before they call for an appointment?

If they can’t research you on their phones quickly and easily, they will most likely get frustrated and move on to the next Roofing business they find. You’ll lose out on a highly-valuable Roofing Client base that is right in your neighborhood.

Not making a great impression on mobile devices will mean losing hundreds of potential geo-targeted Roofing Clients.

PROBLEM #6) Not Taking Care Of Negative Online Reviews.

Believe it or not, one negative review can make or break a Roofing business. With the emergence of online review sites, everyone shares opinions—positive or negative, true or false, useful or just plain ranting—and for many businesses, these reviews have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Research into online reviews has shown that a one-star difference in ratings can result in a 9% difference in revenue. This means that a difference between a three-star review and a five-star review can cause an 18% difference in revenue. With that in mind, a highly reviewed Roofing business has a lot to lose, while a poorly reviewed Roofing business has a lot to gain from investing in online review management.

It’s critical to your Roofing business to manage these major client review sites:

  • Yelp
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • CitySearch
  • Online Yellow Pages
  • Angie’s List

These are just some of the go-to websites for customers to research s. Not cleaning up negative reviews will mean you never even get the chance to meet and treat many of the new Roofing Clients who were headed in your direction.

PROBLEM #7) Not Having A Solid Strategy For Getting Referrals.

It’s clear that trust and proper communication are critical to the success of any Roofing business. It’s all about building trusting relationships. Once you’ve done this, your current Roofing Clients will find their anxieties and concerns are eliminated or greatly reduced. They’ll find it easier to make decisions about services. Just as importantly, these Roofing Clients will feel far more confident, referring to their friends and neighbors to you.

Unfortunately, referrals don’t just happen automatically because you’ve provided excellent service in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Without a proven process in place that generates referrals, you will miss out on a steady stream of new Roofing Clients.

Not having a good referral strategy will mean your clients’ friends and family never even hear about your Roofing business and end up going somewhere else for service.

PROBLEM #8) Not Having An Easy Way To Stay At The Forefront Of Your Roofing Clients’ Minds.

If you’re not bonding with your Roofing Clients and prospects and nurturing those leads, they’ll go to someone who does. Studies show that most customers leave businesses because they feel unappreciated – not because they had a bad experience. Many Roofing businesses are missing one of the most important aspects of profitable communications – following up with your Roofing Clients! It’s such a simple concept and yet overlooked by many Roofings.

Why? Because most roofers just haven’t grasped the importance of this process. In fact, many roofers are leaving up to 80% of additional business on the table because they don’t see how critical it is to keep in periodic contact with clients. Market research shows that it takes multiple contacts to gain client trust and loyalty – critical to any Roofing business.

Not having an easy way to stay in touch with existing Roofing Clients and prospective clients means losing thousands of client dollars year after year.

PROBLEM #9) Your Staff Has A Serious Gap In Training That Is Costing You Money.

When a prospective client contacts your Roofing company, what does your staff do? Have they been trained to answer the phones in a way that makes these potential new Roofing Clients eager to call for an appointment? Do they know what information to gather? If not, it won’t matter how people find you – these new Roofing Clients won’t end up feeling like yours is the only Roofing business they should even consider going to, the one where they’ll receive the best service available in your area.

Businesses are tremendously busy these days performing company administration and safety tasks, and there is a lot of training that is available and mandatory for these tasks.

However, if your staff hasn’t been trained to engage Roofing Clients, build rapport with them, and make their overall experience in your Roofing company, one that delights them enough to tell others about you, you’re losing out on a great opportunity to grow your Roofing business. If your staff has not been trained to become client magnets, your Roofing business is missing out on the opportunity to make your Roofing Clients so loyal they’d never consider leaving you for your competitor.

PROBLEM #10) Throwing Buckets Of Money Out The Window Needlessly.

If you don’t know exactly how your marketing investment is paying off, chances are you’re wasting money. In fact, many Roofing businesses are in the same boat – they spend and spend, but never see a direct result showing whether that investment was effective at all.

When was the last time you looked at what you were spending on advertising?

Advertising your Roofing business is not a waste of resources – unless you’re randomly throwing money at the tactic of the month not evaluating your return on investment.

A mind is easily boggled with all the advertising options available for reaching potential Roofing Clients. A clearly defined set of goals for your ad campaigns will help you to choose the appropriate media to accomplish those goals. Know what you want your advertising to accomplish, so you can measure results and make decisions accordingly.

Wasting money on ineffective marketing can mean losing thousands of dollars. Not knowing how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing is just as bad.

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In fact, it’s highly likely that you are ignoring and losing revenue and income that is going to your competitors. If you’re not careful, even the Roofing Clients you have might be going elsewhere.




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