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Jeannette Potter
8/09/2019 - Google

Great job at seeing what my competitors were doing. We were able to shift and grow our campaign throughout the year and saw fantastic growth!

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Larry Phelps
8/25/2019 - Google

They have done a phenomonal job with keyword research on my competitors and helping us to target their client. After only four months we have seen noticeable increase in sales. Cheer

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Lisa Grant
7/19/2019 - Google

I have to say in the past I have been burned by marketing agencies and I was very skeptical in hiring another one but I knew I had to finally do something to stay in business. I found Black Storm because a friend highly recommended them so I decided to see what they could offer and to find out if they were just another scam. After working with them for 9 months I will say they have been very kind and professional in our dealings and they have actually exceeded my expectations on lead generation. I haven't experienced anything bad with them so if you're looking for a trustworthy marketing agency then I would suggest to give them a try.

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Lindsay Bowen
7/18/2019 - Google

Thanks to Blackstorm design & marketing we have got our website ranking at the top within 6 months!! We are crushing it with them. Great marketing company to partner with. Through every step they have impressed me on how professional and knowledgable they are. I suggest you partner with them.

Hugo Vega Avatar
Hugo Vega
8/15/2019 - Google

BlackStorm is a real gem of a find. I had no idea all of the things my competitors were doing to grow and they broke it down for me and came up with a strategy for my company to grow as well. Happy customer

Local SEO Roofing SEO

Why is SEO a Continuous Process for Roofers?

Search Engine Optimization continues to be one of the most effective content marketing strategies all over the world. SEO is basically publishing and creating content to increase the audience of seeing your content on google searches. Despite the various marketing strategies that exist today, Roofing SEO still proves to be one of the popular strategies used in roofing companies and home service businesses today. One of the known facts on SEO is that it’s a continuous process and not just a one-hit strategy. It’s not creating and publishing content for your website and then leaving it as it is. Just like all marketing strategies, SEO takes consistent effort and dedication for it to take effect. The following are more in-depth reasons as to why SEO is a continuous process:


One of the reasons as to why SEO needs to be a continuous process is because of the fact that your roofing competitors most likely have a consistent roofing SEO strategy. If you do local SEO as a one-hit strategy instead of consistently working it consistently, your competitors will most likely get the best of you. If you want your company to stand out against your competitors, you have to be constantly creating content regularly to ensure the success of SEO as a marketing strategy.

Search Engines change algorithms

An important part of the SEO strategy is learning to adapt to certain changes, and a part of this is the change in algorithms. Search engines continually change their algorithms to battle deceptive or black hat SEO practices and tactics. With this, improving their algorithm causes your existing content to be affected. Once you consistently create SEO content, this ensures that your content keeps up with the changing algorithm of search engines.

To maintain your rankings

As mentioned above, consistent content making is important for SEO for the reason that this maintains your page rankings in the search engines. If you stop making content altogether, your content will drop from certain listings. An SEO ranking study was made where they found out that there was a 30% drop after a company stopped making updates to their SEO campaigns.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving

The online marketing platform is always changing and with this, that’s why it’s crucial to keep making content for SEO purposes. The previous keywords you used may have proven to be a success, however, it may not have the same success rate now.

Your company is also constantly evolving

Changes don’t always have to apply with regards to SEO or marketing, because your roofing company is also constantly changing. With every change that happens, of course, you have to update your content to let your audience know about those changes, With this being said, you may have to update some roofing keywords on your website content along with making new content.

Search user behavior changes

Sticking to the current set of roofing keywords may lead to roofing competitors having an edge against you. Keyword effectivity constantly changes and because of this, you have to constantly check whether the keywords you’ve used are still relevant or not. When making new content, doing the necessary research, and strategizing is important to know which keywords to use in the website content your making. This not only gives you a standing chance against competitors, but it shows the adaptability you have in SEO changes.


Consistently producing content means that you have authority in your roofing business. With this being said, when producing new roofing related content, it’s not supposed to just tackle one aspect of your business. In SEO, it’s significant to target all kinds of content with various topics to ensure that you have a wide range of topics to capture audiences from different market segments.

Good reputation

Being consistent in your SEO gives off the right impression to your audience that you genuinely want to reach them and that you’re dedicated to your company. No consumer wants an inconsistent brand after all, and this is the perfect way to build your reputation. It also lets your audience know that you’re trying to meet their needs and wants. This causes your roofing brand to have positive reviews and will make your company have a successful marketing strategy.

In conclusion, SEO is still an effective marketing strategy on its own- it just takes dedication and consistency. It’s all about utilizing the right set of keywords and knowing which keywords to use, and being aware of certain changes so you can adapt accordingly.

Local SEO Roofing SEO

Why SEO Is Important for Your Roofing Business Success?

Planning your roofing business the right way is important because it will help you see detailed reports of the startup, financing, and procedures of your business.

Having a business website that can perform well on smartphones as it does on desktops is also very important because, since the development of various search engines and platforms like Google, billions of customers are always searching the web to get fast, informative, and reputable contents that they need. This is where an SEO works, it uses a specific method like keywords, media, coding, etc to provide these search engine platforms with relevant informative content to deliver to millions of users who need it.

SEO can thus allow your roofing business website to have higher ranking on these various search engine platforms and the website will be correctly programmed.

What is SEO?

The acronym SEO stands for search engine optimization which simply means the system of optimizing your website to get or drive traffic to your website. It also involves making some changes and improving your website content to make it rank highly in search engines for keywords and coding related to your services.

The overall reason for building a website is to drive traffic and bring more customers to your business and the SEO or Search Engine Optimization performs just that because it consists of various actions and strategies to help increase leads.

Why is SEO important for your roofing business?

SEO is important for your roofing business because it enables you to grow your customer base online. it is moderately fair and it scales down means to influence the results as much as possible thus ensuring that sites appearing for a search are shown because they deserve to be, for this reason, it remains one of the leading online marketing tools.

Using SEO can boost the success of your roofing business, search visibility online, and promotes brand development by ensuring that your company is established globally on the web, traffic pertinency whereby with an accurate SEO strategy your target audience and relevant customers are delivered to your website. Having proper roofing SEO can also help your site’s search visibility making it appear in more SERPs which is an acronym for search engine result pages

What are the benefits of SEO for a roofing business?

Since 85% of customers use search engine pages to find service providers that are reputable, trustworthy, and nearest to them, SEO can help you reach these searching customers when they want and provide the services they need. There are immense benefits gained when using SEO for your business, some of those benefits are

It is very affordable

Using SEO for your roofing business is a very affordable way to make money because it is way cheaper than prints and it reaches your target audience much faster. Prints and advertising can be very expensive and it may not be visible to all your customers but when you use SEO it saves you more money that should be spent on campaigns Thus giving you huge profits on your finance.

Increases your customer base

SEO helps to make sure your website only brings you people who are interested in your roofing services thus increasing your customer base. Search engine optimization will help drive traffic to your website so you are only getting traffic who are actually interested in your services and not just random people thus enabling you to derive more business.

It enables you to track your business growth

The right SEO service can help you track traffic and introduce new techniques that would increase your website traffic with customers who would require your roofing services. An SEO service can help you track and drive your website traffic back up especially when you notice that generated traffic is reducing.

Earn more money

This is especially true when you notice your website is not getting as many customers as you like. With an SEO It would make it easier to know what your customers are interested in regarding your business, bring clients who need your roofing services, and help you make more money.

SEO helps build credibility and helps establish your brand awareness

Since SEO helps your business search visibility especially when it ranks first, second, third, or fourth it may help build your brand’s credibility and give your customer the assurance that your roofing business is one with a reputable standing. It makes your business popular and gives your customers the idea that many users have searched for you too. Since brand awareness is one important key to promoting your business the SEO ensures that your roofing business can be easily found when searched for in any search engine page. Once you stay at the top rank customers may see your business more and it will increase the chances of your link to be clicked thus establishing your brand further.

SEO increases your website speed and reduces your competition

If your site takes too long load it can reduce your traffic, make customers unhappy, and affect your rank on different search engine websites. So your website speed is important because it increases customer satisfaction and better user experience. Your competitors all want the same customers you want, so once you grow your business and include search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy it would put you ahead of your competition in the industry.

SEO ensures your website to be mobile-friendly

To provide a better user experience for your customers its a must that your website is mobile-friendly. Since most of these users browse on their phone or their tablet its best to have a website that supports all users. Using SEO for your roofing business will help reduce the risk of losing a significant amount of clients because Google which relies on SEO for determining websites rank enables websites to be mobile friendly thus improving user experience.

Get Started with your Roofing SEO Campaign Today!

In this digital era, an absence of roofing SEO typically leaves a bad impression on your business especially when your website is unattractive and bland, wasted spending on a website that does not generate a lead, and low website traffic which would leave a negative impression on your business. So by using SEO and adapting to the changes in this ever-changing era will help your business keep up with the advancements of the technological world.